Light Collective:
EILD2014, Medellin


Light Collective has just returned from the Colombian city of Medellin where we were guests of EILD at their bi-annual conference. The conference program was superbly organised by Pica Dominguez and his team and packed with both local and international speakers. The conference had two different streams of talks to choose from with heavyweight designers Gerd Pfarre and Roger Narboni kicking off day 1 and 2 with keynote lectures. Our stand out lectures include Glenn Shrum talking on Light Art, Tapio Rosenius on Light and Media, Claudia Paz on her beautiful interactive projects and Chiara Carucci speaking about the International Year of Light.  They all really impressed us and had us on the edge of our seats.


Light Collective spoke on two topics. Firstly on Light and Connectivity and secondly on the Social Light Movement. The SLM talk was paired with a talk by Camilio Ruiz on the international Litro de Luz project.  Our first talk included a live demo of an uber-cool Eco Filament lamp working on a connected WeMo plug to switch on and off in response to a twitter hash tag – at least that was our intention, it turned out that Colombia is on 120V and our WeMo only works on 240V!  So to get round that we set up a live web cam back to the UK to see the response (or we told people that’s what we did) but it soon became clear that we were faking it when Martin appeared on screen in the UK whilst still on stage in Colombia. It got a laugh and made the point!

The supporting exhibition was well attended and hosted some big players like iGuzzini, Osram, Flos, Thorn Zumtobel and Philips together but also included some brands with a big Latin American presence like Lamp and Schreder.  It was quite an intense few days running from 8am to 8pm but the Colombian coffee from the on-site barrista specially set up for the event was amazing and truly kept us firing on all cylinders.

The event also held the most unusual award ceremony for the iluminet Awards that we have ever seen with bingo cards for the guests and prizes as projects were called!  Great fun, made even better with Mescal from our friends at SaaS Lighting – thank you!


Alongside the conference was a workshop program headed up by various designers including Claudia Paz, Ignacio Valero, Roger Narboni and Anne Bureau and on the last evening of the event, guests were invited to view the results at the Estacion de Luz. The venue was a derelict train station that had been transformed into an atmospheric place of beauty with the workshop telling a story through light throughout the various spaces. We considered it quite possibly the best workshop we have ever seen, with all the groups working cohesively together to create stunning results.  The quality of the lighting installation and effect was really high.  There was just the right amount of control and subtlety both in the use of colour, the amount of light and its application.  Both the team leaders and the students should be justifiably proud of what they created.


Thanks for the invite to EILD 2014 in Medellin, it was a great experience!

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