Light Collective: One Beam of Light Exhibition, London


After a Sunday of nail biting, focussing and preparation, Monday 15th April saw the One Beam of Light exhibition finally open at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. The first discussions with Concord on the project started just before Light and Building in 2012 so the project has been a full year in the making.

One Beam of Light is a global photography project that seeks to inspire and engage people based on the creative use of light. A beam of light is defined as: a ray or collection of parallel rays emitted from the sun or other luminous body. But we know a beam of light is more than this. A single beam of light creates an incredibly powerful and evocative image. Whether you consider the archetypal shot of rays of light from a cloud, daylight streaming in through the oculus of the Pantheon or the windows of Grand Central Station, there is something in the purity of a single beam of light that moves us all.


Our idea was to create a collection of stunning and inspirational images that start with a single source — light stripped to its purest form — and use them to spread the word about light to a wider audience. We are so pleased that its not just an event for the lighting industry and that after the opening night, the exhibition is open to the general public until the 20th April.


Contrary to our initial fears that we would have to submit loads of images with fake names on them, around 380 entries were recieved from all over the world. These were scrutinised by our esteemed Curation Panel of Gerd Pfarre, Keith Bradshaw, Matt Clark, Paul James and Terence Woodgate. The shortlist ran to over 100 images, which we then curated to showcase the philosophy behind the One Beam of Light project. The final selection of 31 images was reproduced in large format for the London exhibition.


All of the shortlisted images can be seen in the printed newspaper, available as a free hand-out and online. The publication guides visitors around the exhibition as well as giving readers an insight into the people who created each image and their inspiration.


The project has been made possible through the generous support of Concord Lighting and we would like to thank them, all of the people who took time to enter and all the attendees on Monday night (especially those people that travelled from the far flung corners of the world to attend the opening – Brazil, USA, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Holland were spotted in the house!)


We would also like to thank GNI Projects for creating us a special One Beam of Light laser installation.

This initiative was about creating an opportunity for us to work in a truly collective way and to spread the word about light to a wider audience so we also need to thank all the participants who took part and provided us with an inspired image so we could show the world what light can do….

More details and all the submitted images are available on the website:

If anyone wants to help us bring One Beam of Light to their country, please get in touch.

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