‘Light Garden’ @ Plaza Norte, Lima
by Claudia Paz + Nicholas Cheung


Light Garden is a permanent interactive landscape of light, sound and experience. It transports us into a magical world and reminds us of the early childhood fantasies that we used to create.


Inspiration and Concept

We were inspired by all the childhood stories from Lewis Carrol, Hans Christian Anderson and J M Barry who opened our minds to these imaginary tales.

Light Garden is a playful combination of suspended flowers, projected floor petals and surreal sounds. Colourful shapes bounce off the glossy floor creating three-dimensional patterns of light.

The complex interactive technology melts away, producing a real-world cinematic experience that is influenced by people moving through the space. One’s imagination is free to join these magical landscapes.


Experience & Interaction

We designed the installation to have multiple layers of lighting effects in the space; on the plaza floor are individual petal projections, hanging in the middle of the space are giant sculptural flowers and on the ceiling are multi-coloured patterns of light. These elements combine with the reflection off the glass walls and marble floors to create a flowery kaleidoscopic landscape.

The petals invite you into this magical world by tempting you to engage with them, opening up your mind and body to enjoy the experience by feeling free to walk, jump or dance.

For children this is a natural environment, which is similar to their imaginary world. They intuitively explore this mysterious landscape and bring a sense of playfulness to adults who are inspired to join in. Interactive games are intertwined with the installations’ lighting and acoustic shows and these games create a social experience.

Light Garden – Interactive Installation from Nicholas Cheung Studio on Vimeo.

Interface interactiva

We designed six shows with different lighting and acoustic experiences. These different games provide unique experiences using interactive programming, which intelligently responds to the number of people it senses inside the installation.


The Spinning Experience: is an intuitive activity that children do, in order to experience an altered state of consciousness. We hope to evoke that innocent curiosity of exploring different possible sensations by taking you to that place of excited enquiry where nothing is familiar. Petals and flowers animate in circles and the interactive audio suggests a field of flowers where one is free to join them in spinning.


The Jumping Experience: Imagine tiptoeing across a lily pond with the sound of ripples spreading across the surface. People can feel the sensation of floating or walking across water with the lilies opening with a touch from each person.


The Growing Garden: Transforms you into a fairy flying from flower to flower, dropping pixel dust onto petals and triggering the flowers to blossom. Birds accompany your journey as you paint your own magical collage. Each person is allocated their personal colour and collectively create a garden of colourful flowers.


The Path of Light: Trails of light trace your path as you run across the space. A flute composes a melody as you pass and the flowers on the floor float into the air creating a canopy of flowers.


The Shy Petals: Petals disappear at the slightest touch, responding with a meditative tone as they fade away. Like playing with reflections in the pond, shy petals spontaneously separate then mysteriously return behind you.


The Petal confetti: is a mosaic of colourful petals flying through the air. You magically collect all the colours to create your white flower. We are offering an experience where beautiful chaos is transformed into peaceful islands of tranquillity.


Project Arrangement

A circulation space of a retail mall was transformed into a public place for families to share a charming experience.

Light Garden is an installation that was designed with three layers of lighting effects. The floor has one hundred and fifty petal projections and, hanging from a cable suspension system, are thirty flower shaped light sculptures, in three different sizes. Finally, ten high-powered gobos shine large flower patterns onto a canopy ceiling above.


The Flower motif design originated from the logo of Plaza Norte, thus the client’s message is sensitively interwoven into the playful experience. These flowers consist of five petal shaped light-boxes that contain RGBW LED lights, which provide subtle shades of pastel light. Inside the flower’s core are five bespoke LED gobos that shine white petals directly onto the floor below, these are interactive and individually controlled with a tracking camera also located inside the flower’s core.


The multichannel sound system drives ten speakers, which provide localised audio for each moment of interaction. The sounds are designed with three layers of audio, which are firstly, nature sounds that transport people to the different worlds. Then secondly, interactive sounds from notes of an instrument, which compose a melody that finally mingles with the base track to create a unique composition.


The Control System

The control system consists of an interactive computer and a DMX lighting controller. These are closely integrated with the tracking cameras, providing live lighting control output to the flower sculptures and multichannel sounds to the audio system.

131017 - Flowers System Diagram 03a

The interactive sensors consist of thirty cameras allowing the installation to respond with different levels of complexity, depending on the number of people present in the installation.

These suspended flowers respond in an individual and collective way as people step on the petals. But all the technology melts away to create a natural experience where one’s own imagination is transported into the real world.



Client: Corporacion EW
Concept & Art direction: Nicholas Cheung & Claudia Paz
Design: Claudia Paz , Nicholas Cheung, Cesar Castro
Production: Arquileds
Interactive programming: Chris Plant / Colour Burst
Sound design: Neil Spragg / Future Sound Design
Lighting Supplier: Astera LED
DMX control: e:cue / Osram
DMX Programmer: Ruby Rubenstahl
Light Content: Cesar Castro Paz
Video: Cesar Castro
Contractor & Installer: MAS Contratistas Generales
Photography: Silvia Neyra, Paz&Cheung


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