Light not Luminaires for the workplace at 259 George St., Sydney!

Perception – orientated lighting within a modern office environment delivers ample light for people by supporting their interaction and dialogue. Cutting – edge luminaire technology from ERCO can deliver this solution for any ceiling configuration, whereas traditional troffer solutions are more suitable for T- bar grid ceilings and generally focus on paper-based tasks only.

On November 2017, the office space on level 22 of 259 George street was selected to undergo a complete refurbishment into a marketing suite to showcase possible layouts for potential tenants.

Fit out delivery company Girvan Waugh were tasked to deliver a superbly comfortable and efficient modern office environment. They aimed to create a contemporary and timeless design, yet making it relaxing for employees day to day operations.

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating an ergonomic and appealing office space. Girvan Waugh chose ERCO lighting tools to achieve this result and produce the work area with maximum visual comfort, that contributes to employee communication and concentration.

Level 22 consists of three suites that have undergone refurbishment. The designers developed a lighting concept using the Language of Light philosophy of Richard Kelly – ambient, accent and scenic. Compar was a primary choice throughout all areas because of its cutting – edge LED technology and superb visual comfort for work places. The waiting area and boardroom of suite one feature wall washing with ERCO linear Compar wall washers (12W in neutral white), and accent illumination over the waiting area and boardroom table with Compar downlights (19W and warm white). The large office area features vertical illumination throughout the space achieved with Opton wall washers (10W in neutral white) and Compact wall washers (16W in neutral white) for glare – free ambient luminescence. The workstations are accentuated with Compar linear Downlights with oval wide flood distribution (19W in neutral white) creating ample light for the task. Pollux Spotlights (6W in warm white) were used in the kitchen to accent the table and the lounge area, enhancing the amenity for employees to enjoy their lunch break.

The welcome area in suite two is illuminated with Compar wall washers behind the reception desk, and Pollux wall washers bathing the decorative wall in light. A Pollux with spot distribution is highlighting the table in the breakout area, giving a nice accent element to create a visual hierarchy.

The lighting scene of suite three is complemented with Compact wall washers for an ambient effect, the boardroom of this suite also features vertical illumination creating a diffuse general light with Compar wallwashers in 4000K to reference daylight. The boardroom table is accented with Compar downlights in 3000K enhancing the visual hierarchy and communication. The mix of colour temperature in one space creates a natural environment as it gives a reference to the sky (cool) and the sun (warm).

Both reception areas on level 22 showcase a Lucy Task light providing dimmable accent light at night. The boardrooms also have pendants reflecting the scenic element of the Language of Light concept.

Light not Luminaires in the workplace with a perception – orientated concept can deliver a highly efficient work space without glare and in compliance with current standards. Visual comfort is a primary component in the modern office environment allowing increased productivity whilst supporting the dialogue among employees and visitors alike. Furthermore, recent developments in LED technology provide architects and designers an opportunity to rethink ceiling systems, or the absence thereof, for both the base building and integrated fitout markets.

Project: 259 George St, Sydney / Australia
Photographer: Jackie Chan, Sydney / Australia
Fit out Delivery Company: Girvan Waugh
Products: Compar, Compact, Opton, Pollux, Lucy Task
Photo credits: © ERCO GmbH,, Photo: Jackie Chan

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