Light+Building 2012: 80 percent of Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre already booked

Energy efficiency the dominant theme at the world’s leading trade fair. Trends: digitalisation of light and building services, plus the autarchic and sustainable use of energy

The signs for Light+Building 2012 could hardly be better with 80 percent of Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre already booked and registrations received from all market leaders. Around 2,100 companies will be making presentations at the world’s biggest innovation forum for lighting and building-services technology in Frankfurt am Main from 15 to 20 April 2012.

The main theme of Light+Building 2012 is energy efficiency and the industry will show future-oriented solutions and technologies that not only cut the energy consumption of a building but also increase the comfort level. At the fair, everything is represented, from LED technology, via photovoltaic and electro-mobility, to intelligent electricity usages with smart metering and smart grids. Thanks to the combination of lighting and networked building-services technology, the companies can present an integrated spectrum of products and services that make a decisive contribution to exploiting the energy-saving potential of buildings to the full.

An important trend for 2012 is ‘Digitalisation of lighting and building services technology’. Associated with this are innovative leaps forward similar to those some years ago in the field of mobile communication technology, which hold out the promise of marvellous opportunities for greater comfort, creativity and security in the home, offices, shops and public buildings – coupled with enormous savings in energy costs. The second trend is towards energy-autarchic buildings with self-regulated power-supply systems offering up to 100 percent reliability thanks to intelligent testing and regulating technology, as well as towards networked buildings and power generation using renewable energies.

Accounting for 40 percent of total energy consumption, the building sector is an important lever for achieving the CO2 and energy saving targets of the German government and European Union. Thus, energy saving is the most important bridging technology for a shift towards the use of renewable energies.

Light+Building 2010 ended with a sensational visitor record for the fair and exhibition business – over 180,000 trade visitors came to see the products and services offered by around 2,100 manufacturers. The spectrum of products to be seen ranged from lighting and electrical engineering, via house and building automation, to civil-engineering software, and occupied some 240,000 square metres of exhibition space. The trade visitors to Light+Building include architects, engineers, planners, interior architects, designers, artisans and representatives of the trade and industry.

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