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Lights in Alingsås: A Unique Lighting Design Event. 25th September to 1st November 2020.

Lights is unique in several ways from other lighting design events around the world. The heart of the project is the workshop. Only the theme and the lighting trail are determined in advance by Alingsås Energi. The workshop lasts for one week and the designers and the students work together day and night. No one knows what the final result will be until the grand opening. Thereafter, the installations can be seen for five weeks and the exhibition begins.

Video 1: Workshop Heads: Vladan Paunovic, Juha Hälikkä, Natalie Redford and Claire Tomara.

Video 2: Workshop Heads: Jackson Stigwood, Erin Slaviero and Kapil Surlakar

Video 3: Workshop Heads: Cecilia Cronelid. Johanna Enger and Jim Farula

Videos by: Fredrik Grill, 2019

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