Lighting Design Awards 2014
Winner, Large Retail:
Trinity Leeds by BDP

Image 1 Brief_Trinity Leeds_Brief_Sanna Fisher-Payne_BDP

Trinity Leeds is a 1 million sq ft retail scheme from developer Land Securities, designed by architect Chapman Taylor with BDP providing lighting design. Situated in the heart of Leeds City centre, the £350 million development has multiple leisure offerings including restaurants, bars and a cinema with shopping as the primary focus. In its first year the centre has attracted a footfall more than 22 million and is 97.5% let.

Image 9 Impact Trinity Leeds_Sanna Fisher-Payne_BDP

The centrepiece of Trinity is a spectacular sweeping glass roof that undulates gently over the entire mall and gives the development an instantly recognisable, iconic feature. The structure of the roof itself is minimal, posing a significant challenge for the lighting when dealing with such an expanse of glass.  A lack of consistent mounting locations at parapet level, coupled with the fact that at night, glass effectively becomes a black mirror, meant BDP shied away from trying to wash the roof structure. “We wanted to accentuate the undulations of the roof and use the reflections to create a feature” recalls the lighting designer Tom Niven.

Image 2 Innovation and Detailing_Trinity Leeds_Sanna Fisher-Payne_BDP

The solution was to use the nodes to mount a custom made RGB LED acrylic stem that protruded by up to 200mm. The longest stems cluster in the centre of the main roof and then reduce down to points as they disperse out down the arcade roofs. Having nearly 1000 RGB LED nodes was a feature in itself but by adding the stem element, the coloured light also spills on to the immediately surrounding white painted steelwork which cumulatively results in a glowing roof.

Image 3 Transition Evening_Trinity Leeds_Sanna Fisher-Payne_BDP

Defining the content of the roof was done as a collaborative exercise between BDP, StudioTech and Land Securities; amorphous effects, such as Aurora Borealis sky were favoured and programmed to run on an eight-day cycle to ensure a different scene for regular weekly visitors.

Image 4 Transition Night_Trinity Leeds_Sanna Fisher-Payne_BDP

Spilt over three levels, the east mall is a new build complex inspired by traditional shopping arcades and is open to the elements at the various entrances. Three distinctive arcades flow in from the surrounding established streets to a vast central space, all of which are blanketed by a light-weight grid shell glass roof that shelters the entire development. The arcades recede as you progress up the levels contributing a light and spacious feel lit primarily by natural light during the day. The south side of the centre has more traditional colonnade circulation. The west mall has been refurbished with the architectural and lighting treatment carried through so the two malls now read as one. A new, two level link bridge over Albion Street joins the two malls.

Image 8 Sustainability_Trinity Leeds_Sanna Fisher-Payne_BDP

Image 5b Faux Daylight Trinity Leeds_Sanna Fisher-Payne_BDP

The abundance of daylight in the east mall ensures the central space is primarily lit with natural light during daylight hours with most of the artificial lighting intentionally switched off. Several sections of the arcades are covered with levels above however and managing the brightness transitions between the varying architectural conditions was a challenge. BDP had to consider the adaption of the eye for visitors transitioning from a bright, sunny street to a relatively low ceiling height condition and then back into daylight under the dome. Spaces were designed carefully to ensure there was an allowance for high levels of tuneable light.

Image 5 Faux Daylight_Trinity Leeds_Sanna Fisher-Payne_BDP

Image 6 Faux Daylight_Trinity Leeds_Sanna Fisher-Payne_BDP

This was achieved in part by using clusters of light boxes with alternating cool white linear fluorescent lamps in combination with RGB linear LED runs. The fluorescent sources are used during daylight hours and tuned to balance with the surrounding retail spill. At dusk, a half an hour transition period simultaneously dims down the fluorescents and energises the LEDs to create a warmer, softer mood at night. This theme is continued throughout the entire centre with most of the lighting being 3000K and energising only after dark to give the centre warmth.

Image 7b Rivers of Light Trinity Leeds_Sanna Fisher-Payne_BDP

Equipment list

Aether Lighting T5 and LED light boxes
Fagerhult Notor linear fluorescent recessed profiles
Targetti Nano Pyros 35W metal halide spotlights
Targetti Pyros 70W metal halide spotlights
StudioTech custom-made RGB LED nodes
Concord LED 100 compact fluorescent downlights
LED handrail pucks

Image 7 Rivers of Light_Trinity Leeds_Sanna Fisher-Payne_BDP


Photography by Sanna Fisher-Payne /BDP

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