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block9 create ‘IICON’ immersive installation for Glastonbury Festival

IICON is an immense sculptural artwork, architectural intervention and immersive music project, posing questions about power, technology and humanity in the digital age. It premiered at Glastonbury 2019 and will be touring the world from 2020.

Taking the form of a colossal, anonymised head – epic in scale, sinister in nature – IICON is a pseudo-religious monument to the terrifying new realities emerging in our digital, data-driven, post-truth age.

It showcases a vision of future music from the cutting edge of today’s underground, from Glitch-Funk Algorave and Post-Dubstep IDM, to Footwork, Grime, Electro and Cyber-Dub.

“IICON represents the data-fueled power of faceless multinationals and personifies how humanity has found itself trapped in self-imposed, digital bondage. It is our response to the world we live in today.”


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