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A gathering of voices form Ramus’ new immersive installation, The Pipes, for Prahran Square

Multidisciplinary design studio Ramus recently unveiled their latest digital art installation called The PipesThe Pipes is an immersive digital forest that gently responds to the people in the space, welcoming and embracing in this place of respite and connection.

The Pipes was inspired by the environment and history of Prahran in Melbourne, mixed with the digital possibilities Ramus could envision for the future of this new urban space. In an urban renewal project led by Lyons Architecture, Prahran Square was transformed from an old carpark into over 9,000m2 of urban parkland. 28 11m-tall interconnected poles are dispersed through four corners of Prahran Square. Each pole is covered in thin panels of LEDs, showcasing a 24-hour content rhythm curated specifically to the site.

Slowly evolving, visual textures were drawn from the surrounding area and mixed with abstract light expressions to form the content foundation. Every moment presents a new immersive experience, with scenes refracted and spread across The Pipes. A visual feast is dynamically generated, with moments of ocean, wetlands, forest, urban landscape and desert moving across the space in response to the time of day, season, weather and people.

The soundscape of birds, street, textile production and water was also sampled from the local area to add to the all-embracing energy of the space. At noon, the familiar ‘Cooee’ can be heard – Coo-ee is a choral call often understood to have been construed from the Dharug word “guu-wii”, literally “come here”.

The work gently slows the pace within the new Prahran Square, offering a space of respite amongst the busyness. The work forms a gently supportive space where the public can gather, pause and reflect.

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