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‘Apollo 50’ by Holger Mader & Heike Wiermann

Constructed in 1969 by Victor Pasmore, the Apollo Pavilion is one of the UK’s most famous and controversial brutalist artworks which was restored and granted Grade II Heritage Status in 2011. Entitled ‘Apollo 50’, Holger Mader and Heike Wiermann’s work commemorated the 50th anniversary of the public sculpture’s construction and the Apollo space programme that inspired its name. The Pavilion spans a small lake, providing a pedestrian link between the two halves of the estate, and remains a rare UK example of the symbiosis between art and architecture.

Mader Wiermann transform the brutalist facade of the Pavilion.
The installation will incorporate monochrome geometric patterns, which reflect the Bauhaus style, and out of these bold lines emerge amorphic forms which evoke the paintings of Victor Pasmore and will temporarily transform the Pavilion into a moving, flowing space-structure.

video installation with sound

Holger Mader, Heike Wiermann
sound by Thomas A. Troge
an Artichoke production

4 video projectors/ computer, sound
8min. loop
technic and uv mapping: QED Production
photos: Harry Ricardo and The estate of Victor Pasmore

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