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Arup launches Luminaire Broker

Luminaire Broker connects designers, engineers and architects shaping lighting solutions in collaboration with industry: matching suppliers to specifications

Luminaire Broker is a tool to facilitate communication between specifiers and lighting equipment suppliers. It creates the means for specifiers to be exposed to a greater range of products, and suppliers to closely match their products to specific requirements. Luminaire Broker improves the process for selecting lighting products for a project and streamlines the preparation of lighting specifications.

Luminaire Broker has been developed to support Arup‘s global network of Lighting Designers and Electrical Engineers in developing and specifying the lighting schemes for their projects, allowing them to match the optimal lighting product to each application.

Why Luminaire Broker

By joining the Luminaire Broker platform as a registered supplier, you gain immediate access to Arup’s network of over 1,000 Lighting Designers and Electrical Engineers working on hundreds of live projects across the globe at any one time. Products can be matched to specific project requirements and the platform facilitates the development of robust lighting specifications for those projects.

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