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Cymatics Theremin by Synthestruct at Orlando Science Center

The Cymatics Theremin is a permanent installation at the Orlando Science Center created by interactive designer Synthestruct (Ginger Leigh). Visitors can explore different how periodic physical vibrations from sound can affect a medium (such as water). Using the Leap Motion sensor to detect the position of a person’s hand, this installation allows visitors to control the frequency of the sound by moving their hand up/down, and the amplitude by moving their hand left/right. This controlled plays through a speaker in real-time, housed inside the installation. Visitors can look inside a window to watch the speaker and the water being affected by the vibrations from the speaker. A camera above to water captures light reflected off the surface of the waves and projects the patterns of light large-scale in front of the installation. Visitors can see how different frequencies and amplitude produce different visuals forms, as a result of the changing surface waves in the water, produced by the speaker’s vibrations.


Special Thanks:
Orlando Science Center

Video: Drew Garraway

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