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Dazzling lighting renovation for Taipei 101 Tower by UNOLAI DESIGN

The Taipei 101 Tower, once the tallest building in the world, is an iconic landmark in Taipei, Taiwan and more than 300 meters or 984 feet tall. In 2005 the New Year Fireworks Show became the focus of international attention when it became ‘the world’s first supertall skyscraper to host a fireworks display’. For this year’s 2016 New Year celebration, a light show and countdown to the New Year was developed using the new lighting. This lighting show was coordinated with the fireworks display for the first time, providing a dazzling spectacle for viewers.

“The most challenging aspect of the light show was integrating the sound and lighting with the systems”, as Uno Lai, Lighting Designer for Taipei 101, explained. The technology involved in Taipei 101 surpasses anything seen in European or American buildings at the moment.”

Philips lighting technology transformed the façade of the building between the 97th and 100th floors with a Color Kinetics LED lighting display consisting of more than 10,000 individually controllable light points. The world’s highest “dynamic wall lighting display”, bathes the top of Taipei 101 in vibrant colors and uses less electricity than a large toaster.


Lighting Design by UNOLAI DESIGN/十聿照明
LED lighting system: Colour Kinetics
Video Produced by KyleYu Photo Studio

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