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Exhibition of Frozen Time by Waterfrom Design

Sealing Memories in Various Forms until the Light Approaches

Artistic Exhibition and Frozen Time

“Aqua Health Clinic” is a new brand launched in Sanlitun, Beijing; it gets rid of the ancient background of old medicine cabinets and the smell of aged medicinal herbs. It attempts to use cosmetic spa and technological atmosphere to twist the old impression of traditional Chinese medicine. It uses medical principles of pulse diagnosis, medication, and food therapies as the approach to design specific treatments for visitors to relieve physical and psychological fatigue. This place enables people to jointly shape the contemporary 5-senses culture through space, diet, and spa, as well as experience the ancient internal and external health cultivation of traditional Chinese medicine.

Format-free and Dissected Time

The argument about time that is closest to people is undoubtedly life and death. People see specimens as the tangible carrier of time, which is exactly the same as the idea of the British artist, Damien Hirst. He investigates animal specimens symbolizing the concept of life and death and suggests that the life perception surrounded by viewers and the static specimens bring back the collective memory of personal feelings and the civilized society.


Technical sheet

Designer: Waterfrom Design
Client: Aqua Health Clinic
Category: SPA commercial space
Location: Beijing, China
Area: 280m2
Layout: Reception area, display area, waiting area, skin detection area, facial care area, toilet, haircare area, body care area, TCM clinic, bar, staff area, storage
Design Period: 2019.01 to 2019.07
Material: acrylic, floor timber, hand paint, transparent soft film lighting, Guanyin rock, stainless steel, terrazzo Photographer: Kuomin Lee; LenmuG Copyright: Waterfrom Design; Aqua Health Clinic


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