Former U2 show director visits Vancouver to talk about moving people with the art of light.

From U2, to R.E.M. and David Bowie, lighting director and former Vancouverite Bruce Ramus returns home in March to talk art, light, and the future of our cities.

During the week of March 11-15, in partnership with the Australian Council for the Arts, Tourism Vancouver, The Museum of Vancouver, and HCMA Architecture + Design, Bruce Ramus travels from Melbourne to his home country to explore art, technology, and illumination in collaboration with business, design, and community leaders in a series of talks and events.

During his time in Vancouver, Bruce will connect with a variety of stakeholders and the Vancouver Lumiere Festival Society to envision an anchor light-based installation for the Lumiere Festival, one that will help propel the festival to a global level. He will also share his vision for future artistic light experiences and how light and digital media can be integrated into our cities. He will explore an evolution of his artform and share a deeper understanding of how light can enrich our cities to become socially sustainable and more reflective of the human experience

Bruce grew up in B.C. and toured the world for 28 years as a show designer, creating art with light within grand-scale theatrical tours for the likes of U2, R.E.M. and David Bowie. During this time, Bruce closely studied the intangible qualities of light. Looking at how light can influence and engage people deeply and inform how they experience space, Bruce recognized the power of choreographed light and media. As Ramus notes, “My study influenced my shift to creating permanent light art installations to inspire public expression, cultural story-telling and the promotion of an inclusive, articulate civic voice.”


Bruce will speak at a free public event on Wednesday, March 13 held at the Museum of Vancouver.
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Bruce will speak at the TILT session on Thursday, March 14 hosted by HCMA Architecture + Design.
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Or live stream the event via HCMA’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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