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‘Halo’ by Karolina Halatek

The essence of the work comes from the imaginary super-natural sensation of clarity, light and extended space.

The circular-shaped immersive installation is designed for a personal experience. An individual viewer while interacting with the work has the possibility to discover a new dimension of own presence in the contemplative, pure and abstract environment.

Title of the work refers to the natural optical phenomena seen around the sun or moon, produced by light in the interaction of ice crystals.

The first references of the atmospheric phenomenon can be found in a section of the “Official History of the Chin Dynasty” (Chin Shu) from 637, on the “Ten Haloes”, giving technical terms for 26 solar halos.

In the exhibition, the place of the celestial body is given to the art viewer, who becomes a central part of the piece.

Halo is on show at A4 Museum in Chengdu, China until 30.09.2019.

Project is a part of ARIE A4 International Artists’ Residency Program

Artistic Director: Sunny Sun
Curator: Cai Liyuan
Project Assistant: Myelie Xie
Photo 1,2,8, by Feng Zheng

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