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‘IfRO&D’ by Pavel Seldemirov

IfRO&D (Interface for Research of Opportunity and Determination)

This is a modular system consisting of the sensory room and the sound processing controller.
You enter the dark room, you see a red beam in front of you. It’s a kind of dopamine trigger which you want to press (like a red button). Slightly touch the beam, the installation is activated and you are locked in the center of the glass cage made of 84 laser beams. You are starting to move, you are touching the light strings. Your movement creates the sound, the sound creates your movement. We face such a differentiation of the external influence and the internal intention every day. You wake up, the day sends you some kind of calls, messages,and you react to them. They structure your rhythms, and your rhythms structure them. As well as a culture. Have we created culture or the human is just a product of culture? The connection is obvious, there is no proportion. They are individual and the installation can let everyone feel them and understand your personal meaning of connections and interactions.

There is a controller outside of the laser cage. Here comes the entire audio stream created by a person traveling through the sound landscape inside the sensory room. With this remote you can affect all the creating by person sounds. This is a kind of metaphor for global events, hyper-objects, circumstances such as global warming, road works, the introduction of a new law or another event that is capable to affect the entire landscape of our life.

In fact, the installation is very literal. This is an ecosystem of several actors and the differentiations between them. A person creating an environment with his movements, an environment created by a movement of a person, an external influence affecting the environment influencing a person. There is a dialogue at the level of the native interface itself – the body and there are actions between parts of the system.

The next possibility is the sound landscape. Technically, it is implemented as a set of samples assigned to sensors. It allows everyone to create their own landscape, a story about their life, day or event. To be a demiurge of the world. I really want people to share their thoughts and experiences with each other through the creation of sound palettes for the sensory room. I want people аllowed others to plunge into their world. Wherever the installation will be exhibited, all the landscapes created by people will stay with it.

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