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into Light 14 Hills, London

into were appointed to work alongside interior designers Robert Angell Design International for clients D&D London on the launch of their new restaurant, bar and deli venture in London. Situated in the heart of the square mile within the newly developed 120 Fenchurch Street. With its panoramic views across London, 14 Hills offers an all-day dining destination that transitions throughout the day: from the daytime grab and go deli, to lunches in the restaurant, afternoon tea and after-work cocktails in the bar, before the sun sets on a sophisticated dinner in the restaurant. The design conveys an opulent, stylish aesthetic with a warm and inviting atmosphere, conjuring the refined essence of a lush garden.

The design is bathed in a rich colour palette combined with an abundance of foliage; a canopy of evergreen plants, seasonal climbers amongst the pergolas, shrubs and low-level planting of various types throughout.

The lighting design brief

into were briefed to provide a theatrical and layered lighting scheme within the venue which comprises of a restaurant, bar, PDR and deli across the atrium. The lighting was to enhance the space both throughout the day and progressing into the night, to compliment the function of each space whilst creating intimacy within each area of the site. The illumination within the venue was key to highlight the plush and refined finishes of the various materials used for the interior design, illuminate and enhance the abundance of planting within the space whilst a series of bespoke decorative light fixtures were to be designed to provide ambient illumination along with key focal points throughout. The control of the lighting was to be a careful consideration within the design to ensure smooth and low-level dimming within the various scenes throughout the venues opening hours.

All light sources were to be LED fixtures offering a high quality of light, warmth of colour temperature and smooth low level dimming.

The way in which the solution was produced

The restaurant is accessed via lifts from the ground floor of the development. On exiting the lifts on the 14th floor there is a staircase in front which leads to the roof garden with the restaurant on the left and the deli located on your right. To enhance this area planting is located in front of the restaurant entrance which is illuminated via spike mounted adjustable spotlights. These fixtures are bespoke manufactured to be powered by rechargeable batteries as there was no the infrastructure to get any cabling out to this area.

On entering the venue itself the reception desk is the first element to greet the customer, this has been illuminated with a series of concealed linear LED details to provide subtle illumination to the front of the desk and providing a gentle glow to the meet and greet staff. Carefully highlighted planting within the threshold is located to mask views to the restaurant beyond and give a taste of what’s to come.

On entering the bar area, customers are drawn to the internally illuminated golden suspended dome above the bar, with a series of textured bespoke pendants within that are located above the glowing bottle steps in the centre of the bar.

Concealed linear LED gently washes the front of the bar with a further concealed detailed within the bar top providing working light for the staff. Bespoke hard-wired tabled lamps situated on the bar top provide a supplementary layer of illumination and add a warmth to this area.

Seating to the bar area on the left and the right of the bar is provided below timber geometric structures with a mirrored backdrop. The table illumination comes via discreet track mounted adjustable spotlights above the timber, while concealed linear LED within planting behind the banquette seating provides a subtle low-level glow and helps these areas feel intimate and cosy.

The main dining space is to the left of the bar comprising tables nestled under pergolas and between trees and planting. Bespoke suspended pendants scattered throughout provide a layer of ambient illumination and key focal points whilst not detracting your eye from the stunning views across London.

The tables are illuminated with narrow beam adjustable spotlights with a series of filters to warm the light and enhance the look of food offering on the plates. Honeycomb louvres within help with glare control and the track mounting allows for flexibility when tables are moved into different configurations. As the day transitions into the evening the tables are then adorned with bespoke LED rechargeable table lights. The warm LED light source and ivory fabric shade add intimacy to the tables and the diners.

The abundance of planting and trees throughout helps to create pockets of privacy and creates a feeling of the outdoors. Planting is illuminated via a series of spike mounted adjustable LED spotlights at low level with another layer of track spots provide lighting from above. A slightly cooler colour temperature was chosen for the planting to enhance the lush green colours of the foliage.

An internally illuminated wine fridge delivers a key focal point further down the restaurant whilst a series of internally illuminated suspended planters around the perimeter adds a further level of illumination and draws your eye to the views beyond the windows.

A cosy private dining room is situated in the far corner of the restaurant which is accessed via a corridor past the kitchen. Bespoke picture lights illuminate the artwork while a series of pendants lead customers down the corridor to the PDR beyond. The PDR itself is illuminated via a concealed linear LED within the ceiling coffer with adjustable downlights focused onto the table top. Low level lighting to the planting and a further bespoke picture light to the artwork add additional layers of light whilst not detracting from the views through the glass on two sides of the room. 

Concealed linear LED lighting within the WC ceiling rafts provide a warm ambient glow whilst bespoke wall lights located between the mirrors provide functional illumination of patrons.

The result

The client D&D London feel Into have achieved a dramatic, sophisticated and layered lighting scheme for the restaurant, utilising LED sources which provide a high quality of light with a warmth of colour temperature. Post dusk the lighting scenes evolve to create a highly theatrical, yet intimate environment.

Project details:

Project: 14 Hills
Location: London
Client: D&D London
Interior Designer: Robert Angell Design International
Lighting Design Into Lighting
Project Manager: PSE Associates
Main Contractor: McCue
M&E Consultant: Lehding
Electrical Contractor: BES
Photographer: Gavriil Papadiotis

Architectural light fitting spec

Light Graphix – Planter lighting – LD51 / LD10238
Enigma Lighting – Track spotlights, downlights, LED tape – Darklight GU10 / Tubular 60 GU10 / View 50 / FlexiLED-Plus
Soraa – Vivid GU10 / Various snap accessories
Powergear – Lighting track
TM Lighting – Bespoke picture lights
Hunza – Planter lighting
Neoz – Rechargeable table lamps
Mode Lighting – Tiger dimming system
Mackwell – Emergency lighting
Zico – LED filament lamps

Decorative lighting

Illumination – Bespoke lighting
Richard Taylor Designs – Console table lamps
Melodi Home – Lampshades

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