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‘Light High’ by Jacqueline Hen awarded International Light Art Award 2019

Jacqueline Hen, Light High, @Center for international Light Art

Awarded with International Light Art Award 2019.

Light and space are in an inseparable but invisible connection (theory of relativity). They
presuppose a seemingly stable framework of orientation in everyday life, in which there is no
reason to question the relationships between subject and object, cause and effect, beginning
and end. At the same time, they offer levels of experience in which these distinctions dissolve
into border areas, where you can no longer cling to the accustomed conditions. The
installation opens up such ambivalent relations; Leading the visitor to a level of perception
that transcends rational thinking and confronts the consciousness with the intangible experiences of the infinite, the dissolution of the outside and inside, or the intermingling of dream and reality.


The installation LIGHT HIGH is aimed at guiding the perception through targeted acoustic
and visual phenomena into border areas in which ambivalent experiences set in and the
habitual experience of space is abolished.

A mirrored ceiling together with a thin reflecting surface of water on the ground and a grid arrangement of lights are creating the spatial illusion of an infinite vertical space of light and darkness. By traversing a small bridge, the visitor can cautiously discover the immersing endlessness beneath his/her feats and above his/her head.

The extent of the infinite vertical space changes through the individual viewpoint so it can be
fathomed by the viewer’s movement in the freely accessible installation. To enhance the illusion of infinity , the visual flow of the installation is complemented by the acoustic dimension of the Shepard Sound.

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