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Light Middle East Awards: Submission deadline 15th August 2019

The Light Middle East Awards is here to showcase the brilliance in architectural lighting and design. We look forward to welcoming everyone on the 17th October 2019 to the 7th edition of the Light Middle East Awards!

2019 Awards Categories
The Light Middle East Awards has 9 project and 6 product categories, each highlighting the importance of lighting design. The 2019 Awards will also see the introduction of ‘Personality of the Year’ and ‘Distributor of the Year’ categories.

Product Category

Outdoor lighting Product of the Year : This category celebrates the product that utilizes innovative technologies to provide high-value, high-performance outdoor lighting solutions.

Indoor lighting Product of the Year : This category recognizes the product that utilises innovative technologies to produce high-value, high-performance indoor lighting solutions, etc.

Connected Lighting Innovation of the Year : This category appreciates innovation that includes all visible light communication, IoT, Li-fi, IP-based systems, data management and smart city technologies.

Decorative Wall Lighting Product of the Year : This category recognizes the product that utilises specific designs to add ambient lighting in a variety of spaces to turn a flat wall into something decorative.

Decorative Chandelier of the Year : This category celebrates the product that provides a decorative light fixture mounted on ceilings for indoor design lighting requirements.

Decorative Table Lamp of the Year : This category recognizes the product that utilises unusual contemporary designs as an accessory for indoor decorative requirements.

Project Category

Hotel Lighting Project of the Year : This category is aimed at the interior and exterior lighting design of the Hotel that best incorporates lighting as part of the scheme (i.e. how the light works with the materials and finishes and the different moods it creates within the space) and whose exterior lighting is carefully designed with regard to placement, intensity, timing, duration and color – controlling light pollutions and preserving the night sky, etc.

Restaurant / Bar Lighting Project of the Year : This category is aimed at interior and exterior lighting design of standalone Restaurants, Bars, Lounges that emphasise the space designs and features, creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, etc.

Entertainment and Leisure Lighting Project of the Year : This category is amied at the scheme that manages to transform the mood of customers and illuminate the unique façade, architecture and structure of the of all types of leisure and entertainment buildings such as sports facilities, stadia, theatres, cinemas, theme parks and museums.

Retail Lighting Project of the Year : This category is aimed at the outlet whose lighting is best used as a tool to create experiences which influence consumers mood and behavior in commercial spaces from food to fashion.

Workplace Lighting Project of the Year : This category appreciates all types of workplaces from Offices, Education and healthcare where the lighting is people- and task-orientated.

Public Realm & Landscape Lighting Project of the Year : This category is aimed at promoting excellence in lighting design and illumination in rich and diverse qualities of exteriors, heritage buildings and spaces open to public.

Retrofit Lighting Project of the Year : This category is aimed at projects that incorporated advanced energy-saving and environmentally responsible retrofit solutions, with the usage of quality products to minimize energy consumption and impact on the environment, in a government building, Hotel, Retail or Leisure facility in the Middle East.

Light Art Project of the Year : This category appreciates temporary and permanent Art installations, productions, media architecture which transforms the perception of a given space making it attractive but also adding a value added wow effect using light as the essential design element and the fundamental construction material.

International Lighting Project of the Year : This category is aimed at exceptional lighting design for an iconic project with excellent aesthetic design, with the usage of quality lighting products with latest technology, etc.

Personality of the Year

The person who has made an outstanding contribution to the lighting industry 2018-2019 in terms of milestone, creativity, innovation, technology and education.

Distributor of the Year

Distributor of the Year is open to all Lighting distribution companies. It recognizes the overall service and support provided to a client in the lighting installation market, taking into account product focus and choice, availability and distribution services, pre- and post-sales support, market development assistance and online capabilities.  Entries are actively encouraged to include hard facts and figures – (please be clear if any details are confidential. Confidential details will be used for judging purposes only).  All programmes and initiatives must have been new or further developed between 1st March 2018 and 1st August 2019 to qualify.

Why enter?

  • The Light Middle East Awards are recognized by the industry and through these awards, your effort and success acquires international coverage and build global associations.
  • Receive high profile national recognition and showcase your work to an international audience
  • Winners will be able to access the reach of a global network where you will receive global and domestic coverage
  • Ultimately, winning the award will set you apart from the competition and enable you to attract new business and talent

How to submit your nomination:
Step 1: Choose the category you wish to enter (you can enter a project/product into more than one category)
Step 2: Complete the online nomination form
Step 3: Upload the photos and write-ups about your submission

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