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Lighting of Shi Nua Restaurant by Claudia Paz Lighting Studio

In a country like Peru where Chinese influence has been a cultural and gastronomic level; where the ¨ chifas ¨ – that rich Peruvian Chinese fusion – meet in every corner, Shi-nuá represents the elegant and sophisticated image of this tasty union.

Generous and tasty, this proposal puts a fresh and delicate accent on an ancient and traditional cuisine. Located in the San Isidro business center, in a modern building designed by acclaimed architect Jean Nouvel.

The concept of the restaurant is to capture in his graphic an imaginary the sophisticated, elegant, cosmopolitan ¨ chifa ¨ with a solid personality. The tall ceilings, velvet chairs and compartments, the dim lights and the 2300K temperature of the light throughout the two floors, and the overall minimalistic décor, give Shi Nuá that elegant touch that is rarely seen in Chinese restaurants in Peru. The beautiful main salon with its colorful bar, brick walls, and tree at the center offers the perfect ambiance.

The sophistication is perceived from the entrance. An imposing high-rise door with a carving of Asian symbols welcomes the visitors. The reception is a small living room were everything have a perfect balance, a double high space with one of the walls cover with a double high wood furniture that exhibits the same Chinese vase in all the shelves.

Lit in a way that make us perceived a degrading greenish turquoise color make one of the focal points of this room, combined with the accent light directed to the Chinese pieces that decorate the room and the decorative color glass lamp hanging in the middle.


While you move forward appear the dining room, located in the center, with tables illuminated with dim warm light, as in the whole premises that covers two floors, some of the lights are oriented to the ceiling and the panels of openwork wood to reflect the shadows of the textures.

The aisles on the sides lead to “the tree room”; a space that seems out of the story, because in the center of the room, stands a lush white cherry tree brought from China, which exhibits white silk flowers and is lit by RGBW accent lights that transformed all the space.

Different scenes was created to light the Blossom tree, so in different times you can look up and you feel in another story or in a different day. No matter if it daylight or night, the work of the wood that covers the window filter the perfect amount of light to create another theatre scheme.

A interpretation of a ¨ Chinese pagoda ¨ was created by Lloyd Moore, a fantastic structure that filters the accent light creating shadows and texture everywhere combined with a brilliant red bar lighted with a golden 2200k strip led light that lights a festival of bottles of the various distillates found in the market that creates the entire amazing scheme.

Project Credits:

Client : Diego Leon de Peralta
Programming : Cesar Castro
Architecture & Interior: Melissa Leon de Peralta
Lloyd Moore
Jordi Piug

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