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Loco de Pera is located on the ground floor of Passage de Petit Champs which is a mixed-use passage built in the 19th-century in Istanbul’s Pera district. Space was redesigned by Tabanlıoğlu Architects in accordance with the restaurant/bar function. The main purpose of the renovation was to create a modern, remarkable and inspiring atmosphere whilst preserving the spirit of the space. The historic texture, such as the brick arch ceiling and brick walls are not touched in accordance with this intention. The eye-catchy bar covered with satin gold material and other modern interior design elements gave the opportunity for integration of historical texture with the modern times. With the contribution of the lighting design by ZKLD Studio; Loco de Pera offers a warm and elegant atmosphere that blends new/ old.

The main objective of Loco de Pera’s lighting design concept was to create stunning and inviting visuals that blends with the architectural characteristics of the space. The first decision was related to light color temperatures. For all effect lightings, color temperature was selected as amber to highlight the natural red brick material of the space and also to create a serene and cozy ambiance.
Lighting design of the space was divided into two parts: general and effect lighting in terms of requirements of the restaurant/bar function. Firstly; for general lighting, the main design parameter was to be able to serve proper light to two integrated functions of the space: dining/lounge. For these functions, there are different requirements in terms of the quantity and quality of light. Therefore lighting design was intended to be controllable to make the dimmed or dramatically lit atmospheres possibe. According to this, general lighting had been constituted with DMX controllable custom made luminaires with 2 adjustable spotlights. Several mock-up works had been done during the design and construction process to clarify the length of luminaire’s body, layout plans, tilt angles, and etc. These custom made luminaires are designed with narrow beam angle spots in order to create dramatical ambiances.

For the effect lighting; the first architectural element that took into consideration was the arched ceiling. In order to emphasize the arched natural brick material of the ceiling, linear luminaires with aluminum profiles were placed on the custom made trays added above the ventilation channels passing through the right and left axes of the space. Thanks to these light strips, the structure and the historical texture of the ceiling had been brought to the fore and a sense of depth had been generated. The light strips that are lit in amber color on normal days were selected as RGBW to serve various special days and organizations. Considering the different show and scenario requirements and variable artificial light usage due to the changing daylight levels at various times of the year; -just like the entire lighting system- they were designed as DMX contrallable. Except this, the arches on the walls were the other historical elements which were desired to put forward. They were lit with ground recessed amber colored LED spotlights placed into niches.

Satin gold metal covered the bar was the other architectural element that ZKLD focused on. To emphasize the bar without any undesired glare effects, indirect lighting was used just like in every other lighting detail of the bar area. Thanks to bottom to top usage of light, while this solution is creating an impressive atmosphere, none of the luminaires affect visual comfort conditions negatively. Amber-colored linear flex LED strips which were installed under the bar counter and plinth had been brought the boundaries of the curvilinear structure to the forefront and drawn attention on itself. For the linear flex LED lighting used inside the bar preparation area; 3000K was chosen to provide the required illuminance level. Additionally, this choice helped to separate the functions and also contributed to compose a dynamic atmosphere with the help of warm-cold lighting contrast. The neon lighting above the bar, designed to accentuate the bar’s boundaries, is another element that reinforces the effect of this warm and cold contrast. On the other hand, a special lighting detail was created together with architecture to provide an effect light for the bottles on the shelves above the bar.

In short, in terms of both its function and architecture, Loco de Pera is turned into an area that blends day and night, new and old, past and modern times and thanks to its responsive lighting design it welcomes the visitors and invites them to be a part of this eye-catchy but also serene atmosphere.

Project Credits:

Project Name: LOCO DE PERA
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Status: Completed
Design Date: 2019
Completion Date: 2019
Site Area: 113m²
Construction Area: 113m²
Type: Architecture / Arts / Historical Building / Culture / Restaurant & Bar
Interior Architect: Tabanlioglu Architects
Sound: Asimetrik
Lighting Designer: ZKLD Light Design Studio
Zeki Kadirbeyoglu, Mustafa Akkaya, Gizem Bora
Photographer: Emre Dorter, Mahta Amjadi /ZKLD Light Design Studio

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