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Lumgallery designs lighting for The Ranga Bhavan Chowk

The Redevelopment of Rang Bhavan Chowk under the Smart Cities Mission, a Government of India Program of urban renewal and retrofitting to develop 100 cities Across the country to make them citizen friendly and sustainable.

The India based lighting design firm Lumgallery has worked as a consultant on the Rang Bhavan Chowk.

The redevelopment of Rang Bhavan Chowk ,Solapur sees the appropriation of existing, unused land into a public space. It helps fill a social void to create a space. Where people can enjoy being outdoors.

Size :The Chowk , totality covers ,6680 Square meter.

The Chowk remains busy through the day as it has important administration buildings several educational institutions and the Rang Bhavan Auditorium located in the Vicinity.

The Redeveloped traffic Island smoothly directing the flow of traffic and the largest traffic island emerge as a Stylish plaza complete with an LED brand around the edge of the roof displaying time, date and Greetings by the day , rooftop LED panels and LED band alive with striking different colours, information and animation by night, rooftop solar panel s generating electricity.

The broad path like a Walking track , with LED Bollard lights hems the plaza and is skirted by a railing that has two openings.

Built-n steps offering an amphitheatre like seating and large central area for children to play or for informal activities.

because this is the main public space remains busy through the day and night time to redeveloped this space Simple and straightforward solution that took the form of a sleek fabricated structure of 20 white columns, each a cluster of five, round ,mild steel pipes, rising from the ground to a height of six meters to create a framework on the main island. These columns are highlighted with LED in grounds light fixture with narrow beam 3000K CCT to create ambient in sitting plaza.

Green mountains are heighted with integrated led direct view led Product with 3000K CCT. To match the plaza Column up lighting outside columns are used spike light product.

100 No. of solar panel also mounted on the frame work to used solar energy with 36 LED video panels are mounted on the structure . While a 6mm broad band of LED video panel skirts the edge of the roof.

Weather proof LED panel are mounted with certain angle to achieve the proper viewing angle from sitting Plaza.

All the control are place in one single control board. Outdoor lighting are control by astronomical clock for daily on off.

While LED panels have been fitted to feature information , fun animation and advertisement to generate revenue, the solar panel –that form a 32 KWp sized solar power system.

The scheme fully complies with overall master design plan of architect and lighting designer to utilize the proper space and lighting practice to showcase the beauty of the city.

Client :Solapur Smart City.
Architect: Urban Tree
Project Manager : CRISIL
Lighting Consultant : Lumgallery.

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