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Neon Rome by m²ft architects

“Neon Rome” shows the city in a state between the real and the surreal. It is a research that reflects on the city of Rome as a place that escapes the continuous transformations of the contemporary world, hiding itself behind its mask of perennial immutability. The aesthetics of neon gives it an alien, decontextualized personality, sometimes of desolation, referring to an era and a context that arrived only superficially in Rome. It is therefore an effective way to describe what is invisibly hidden behind the unalterable facade of the “eternal” city.

Some very particular and picturesque events of the recent history of the Italian capital are analyzed to examine some of the most hidden consequences of these actions and to bring to consciousness a very particular way of the city to evolve over time. We therefore reflect on themes such as the commodification of monuments, the neglect of the city, the abandonment of the Tiber river, the incompleteness of public works, the complete rejection of any manifestation of contemporary art.

“Neon Rome” therefore plays with the very meaning of urban transformation, revealing its perverse mechanisms through a new aesthetic of abandonment. The alleged eternity of Rome clashes with the desolation of the change of its roots, showing how in reality, what is eternal, is change itself.


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