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‘New Dawn’ by United Visual Artists

New Dawn is a sculpture that displays sublime light, dappling across its surface. The work responds to ideas of transactive memory, our tendency towards Apophenia as well as our problematic relationship with technology and subsequent mediated experience of the contemporary world.

Carrying an ambient, cinematic quality, the emergent patterns suggest leaves falling or blowing in the wind. This moment of reflection recollects the paradox of Plato’s Cave, engaging a play of shadows which impairs our ability to authenticate.

Isolated from its motherboard, it functions as the outsourcing of a memory, viewed in a discordant context. It is only when one returns to the space, circling the artwork, that it’s inner workings are revealed and the illusion of absence shattered.

We are lulled into its spectacle and then sharply pointed to its artificiality, reminding us of our place in contrast to the technological world but also our inherent alignment to it.

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