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‘Polyhedra’ by MID Studio

Polyhedra is a sound reactive and light sculpture. An Art piece that was created for the Barcelona Light Festival 2019 and commissioned by Barcelona City Council.

The piece has a regular polyhedron shape and float in the exhibition place. The piece was designed specifically for the Encants Market in Barcelona and it was installed under its 25 meter high mirrored deck. The luminous geometry floats in space and is created from two symmetric pyramids with a five-sided pentagonal base, creating a repetitive reflection effect on the multiple roof mirrors that surround it in all directions, enhancing its effect towards different viewing angles distorting its original shape. This effect is strengthened by using dynamic programming with LED technology, ambient lighting and sound that surrounds the installation, creating effects of great beauty. The sculpture has been designed and built by the artists using proprietary hardware and software technologies.

The piece is constructed from 15 segments of 5m long and 80mm thick polycarbonate tubes. These tubes have 300 RGBW addressable and individually controllable pixels. The joining of the vertices is made with custom-made metal parts, giving it rigidity and allowing the whole structure to work as a single solid and stable piece. To reinforce the entire structure, steel cables are arranged between the vertex and the center that allow to create tension and give the final adjustment to the piece. Finally, the control is carried out from the electronic modules in the vertex themselves.

Polyhedra was inspired by the vision of the artificial intelligence of the science fiction movies of the 80s (Ex: 2001, Tron). And how as a supposed superior intelligence could communicate with humans only through the universal language of light and sound, connecting technology and its own evolution.

The software created for this piece, a part in the controllers firmware and other part in MAXMSP, uses artificial intelligence mechanisms, algorithms and techniques to create patterns and behaviors that are translated into generative light and sound patterns in real time.

A project by Alex Posada & Xevi Bayona

Idea and concept: Xevi Bayona, Alex Posada
Technical development and integration: MID Studio
Organization and production: Barcelona City Council

Architectural design: Xevi Bayona
Lighting, music and sound design : Alex Posada
Software engineering: Alex Posada
Electronics and hardware engineering: M. A. de Heras, Alex Posada
Construction and assembly: Ferroluar, Xevi Bayona

Filmmaking by: Mind The Film, Marcel Rodriguez

Acknowledgments: Maria Güell, Natalia Parody, Miguel Angel de Heras, Emi, David Tortajada and Volatil Rigging

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