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Prada Parades Neon in ‘Hyper Leaves’ Installation at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann

Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann will host two Prada pop-ups showcasing the brand’s women’s and men’s spring-summer collections from 14th January to 10th February 2020.

There will also be 15 original, nature-inspired display windows. Marrying reality and imagination, these displays will be set against a background of backlit wall coverings.

This nature-inspired imagery (branches and enlarged leaves of Alocasia, Monstera, ferns or fig trees) will feature green or yellow neon Prada triangles, a detail that will be found on the floors and display cases decorated with contrasting coloured giant leaf designs in green, yellow, orange and pink.

In line with this concept, the women’s pop-up will be in the form of a forest pavilion comprised of green painted metal nets and neon lights on a green carpet of approximately 77 square metres in size.

The men’s pop-up will also have painted metal nets and neon signs that compose a baobab tree, decorated with three Prada triangles.

Display cases and tables in the shape of gigantic leaves, along with a backlit wall with green cases, clothing stands and carpet all reflecting the nature theme complete the hyper realist setting.

The total surface measures approximately 44 square metres.

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