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Pre-order your copy of Contextualizing Light. Lighting Design Solutions in a Changing World. Special Emphasis: Light For Health & Wellness. by Abhay M Wadhwa, Founder and Design Principal of AWA Lighting Designers

Contextualizing Light examines how the context of a project can provide a causative force for creating an appropriate architectural lighting design solution. Why should the lighting world be flat, and at the cost of the amazing variety of local nuances and ideas that can be incorporated into the architectural design process and solutions? Why are we looking to build an illuminated world at night that looks similar to other places? When did darkness become bad? Should the dialog not be about embracing the differences in culture, design approach, and other conditions that each region of the world provides, while embracing light as a universal medium? How do the new lighting technologies impact our evolving zeitgeist?

These ideas and concepts are highlighted in the 18 essays written by the author in this book. These are further illustrated with examples from over 80 completed projects spread over 23 countries in the past 18 years of being in practice. Through this treatise, the author also shares ground-breaking research, where he discusses a holistic approach for using lighting to create spaces for health & wellness.

The book will be available for purchase in Spring 2020. For more information, please contact our publisher ORO Editions California at


Abhay M Wadhwa, Founder and Design Principal of AWA Lighting Designers seeks innovative solutions that challenge convention, and augmenting the integrity of the architects’ vision, sees lighting beyond its conventional purpose. He crafts a story using lighting design and technology to create moments of experience, that factor into the psyche and emotions of those who work, live or visit the spaces designed by AWA. Pragmatic lighting design nestles comfortably with artistry.

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