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Precision Lighting Solution for Antique Jeweller by illuminationworks

The new Wartski boutique interior is inspired by the brutalist architecture of the antique jewellery’s former location and The National Theatre. The contrasting environment creates a surprise for customers once through the doors of the ornate, classical façade.

Museum quality lighting elements are utilised throughout, especially in the wall vitrines where sources are concealed. The precision and intensity of light makes merchandise the clear focus.

Surface mounted adjustable spotlights provide general lighting. The minimalist cylindrical fittings balance strong geometry and reinforce the heavy slab & beam appearance of the ceiling. The spotlights are used for accent lighting throughout and highlight the retractable display shelves at each wall vitrine where objects are closely inspected by customers.

Refined over a series of mock-ups, the wall vitrine lighting operates with great precision and are made up of three distinct elements. Four high-powered adjustable 3000K & 4000K spotlights are the primary source of object lighting in each case. Warm 3000K lighting accentuates precious gem stones, gold and other warm metals, while cooler 4000K emphasises diamond clarity and silver pieces. Powered via monopoints, these spotlights can be reconfigured with the different CCT options to reflect specific merchandise being displayed.

Next, a bespoke linear washlight with alternating 3000K/4000K sources is located at the front of each case to evenly wash displays and minimise shadows. Positioned above the proscenium, all accent lights are unseen.

Finally, a reveal detail outlines the back panel adding depth to the displays, while accentuating object silhouettes and limiting shadows caused by accentlights. The overall effect is focussed, shadow-free intensity with the precision normally associated with museum gallery lighting.

A vertically oriented vitrine is the focal point of the boutique and acts as a beacon drawing customers to the back of the shop. A reveal detail at the front panels emphasises the geometry of the space and creates a striking, jewel-like profile.

In the front sales area, integrated linear LED adds localised light and lessen shadows in the long table vitrine. Silver objects displayed in vitrines with mirrored backs have adapted lighting details to prevent visibility of sources.

Interior Architects: Waldo Works
Photography by Višnja Jovanović

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