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Rick Morrison launches Light in Design 2

Well known Australian Lighting Designer Rick Morrison has finally launched his specialist lighting practice – Light in Design 2.

Rick says “I’m saying ‘finally’ because I’ve been wanting to kick this off for at least five years! It’s been a complicated path between various employment contracts, moving to a new house and young grandchildren being born. Now that these things are settled, I am super excited to be doing it my way.”

Rick set up ‘Light in Design’ back in the year 2001 – but kept everything low key while working for larger design houses, such as AECOM, NDYLight, Citelum.

Kicking off full time on the 1st of March this year under the name “Light in Design 2”, Rick is backing his business with the launch of his own website.

Rick goes on to say of his website “OK – yes – baby steps – but everything starts at a beginning”.

Light in Design has several Australian lighting specialists signed up under subcontract arrangement, as well as electrical engineers and draftsmen on call.

Rick says – “In the future as the business grows my design associates will take shares in the firm as directors – and in this way allow for a natural succession of both management and talent”.

Known for his regular attendance and presentations at the PLDC events, Urban Transport Conferences and more, Rick will be presenting again this year at the Australasian IES Conference in November at Melbourne.

“Quality Lighting is as vital to our wellbeing as pure water, good food and clean air.” says Rick, “That’s why I’ve studied and presented on Circadian Rhythm and Lighting Design in the past. I guess I’m a bit evangelistic about the role lighting plays in design. It’s far too important to leave to chance, and certainly should be in the hands of qualified specialists. Considering the Global Footprint of the Human Race – another important topic is sustainability and energy saving, and that’s what I’m talking about this year – applications of Daylight in Transport Structures”

Rick is a Registered Lighting Practitioner with the IES and can be contacted at his Queensland studio.

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