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Samsung to spin-off startup SunnyFive, maker of smart windows that generate artificial sunlight

Samsung Electronics announced that it will support a number of startups, including SunnyFive, created by Samsung employees as part of the company’s C-Lab Inside in-house incubation program.

SunnyFive is a window-shaped lighting device that produces artificial sunlight, allowing the user to enjoy the full spectrum of light produced by the sun’s natural passage through the sky during the day. Helps users synthesize vitamin D while they are indoors or in low-lit places without having to worry about skin aging or sunburn, and allows for brightness and color adjustment via the app.

The C-Lab spin-off program provides startups with the investment and business consulting needed to help them grow. Samsung also provides a five-year window during which employees who launch startups can return to their jobs if their endeavors prove unsuccessful, meaning that individuals can embark on their entrepreneurial projects without having to fear that they are risking their careers.

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