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SEITIKKI by Antrei Hartikainen

Sculptural light installation SEITIKKI by award-winning master cabinetmaker and designer Antrei Hartikainen sprawls in a thread-like formation. The work blends craftsmanship, sculpture and industrial design. The installation SEITIKKI, meaning a webcap mushroom, is a study of light in a space and as a sculpture.

SEITIKKI is characterized by hazy, dreamy light. The veil-like web that supports the light sources stretches to a height of almost two metres at the sides, plunging into a valley in the centre. Each turned, mushroom-resembling cap is different, their sandblasted finish diffusing rays of light. The concealed gill sculpts a circle of light on the ground.

SEITIKKI is black. It is moody, dramatic and rambling. At the same time, light glowing from various sources is like a mist hovering over a field. It is a flashback carved into a concrete shape, the sculptor’s thoughts etched into a moment.

Video by Ville Vappula

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