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‘Sensing Change’ at 151 North Franklin Street, Chicago by ESI Design

‘Sensing Change’, a new light installation brings a soothing energy to the building’s terrace with animations that evoke the same feeling of dappled light through trees.

Challenge: The John Buck Company bills their new 35-story tower in downtown Chicago as a “next-generation workplace.” To help achieve this goal, they asked ESI Design to create a digital experience for the building’s 2nd floor terrace, with its imposing concrete wall, that would make the space feel more open and more organic.

Solution: ESI designed ‘Sensing Change’, a dynamic light installation that creates a warmer, more welcoming environment both during the day and at night. It can be enjoyed by people on the terrace, as well as those viewing it from the building’s upper floors.

An LED trellis of brushed metal fins and vertical light bars creates a textured structure that will support the anticipated ivy growth on the wall. Together, the trellis and vines will create a unique juxtaposition of technology and nature. The design feels organic and contemplative, evoking the same active but calming feeling of dappled light through trees.

The light installation features two different media modes. The Living Wall mode reacts to local weather data, calling to mind the effects that sun, temperature, and precipitation have on plant life and ensuring the animations stay fresh and interesting over time. The Special Event mode allows the building management to program specific color patterns and animation styles for Chicago’s celebration of holidays and local events.

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