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Sirius Lighting Office light Fleur Pavilia

In the hectic business world of Hong Kong, being able to relax in a place surrounded by nature is the greatest luxury.

Upon the request of our client, we created spaces that meld Japanese-style landscaping and dynamic light and shadow in the common area that connects three high-rise towers in a residential complex in Hong Kong.

This project includes a garden set centrally in the complex, a passageway encircling it, and individual rooms set around the outside of the passageway. Full-height glass windows partition the spaces so that residents can enjoy views of the garden from the passageway as well as from each individual room.

We meticulously chose lighting areas to brighten or dim in order to eliminate problematic reflections while retaining functional interior illumination so that residents would be able to experience various scenes as they walk the passageways in search of a place to relax.

Traditional Japanese teahouses transmit exterior light into the room through translucent materials and latticework walls. This projects light and shadow onto every surface. Each clubhouse room was imbued with this feature of traditional culture. We imagined each room as a teahouse and composed the lighting design to evoke the same harmony of light and shadow. In one room, an entire wall glows gently like a lantern, while in another, delicate wooden latticework projects beautiful shadows underfoot.

Tricks of light were employed outside as well. Uplights set underwater project soul-soothing ripples of light onto overhanging ceilings that cover the outside walkway. This method of manifesting light is distinctive of Japanese architecture, which is characterized by its deep eaves.

In the entryway, a glimmer of light projected through a decorative aqua-sculpture dances on the wall in welcome. Continuing inward, light and shadows traversing a wall of wooden latticework lead to a bank of elevators. Here, a symbolic scene featuring a wall of light and a graceful flower arrangement epitomizes the spirit of warm welcome. Unlike the garden and clubhouse above, the entryway is intended to reset the mind and awaken one’s artistic sense.

Project data

Project Architect (Residential) & Authorized Person:Wong Tung & Partners Ltd.
Building Services Engineer:Arup
Interior Designer (Clubhouse):Uchida Design Inc.
Landscape Designer:Ohtori Consultants
Main Contractor:New World Construction Company Ltd.
Photographer:Satoshi Asakawa, New World Construction Company Ltd.

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