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Sirius Lighting Office Light Kameari Katori Jinja

Light spills from two new buildings at a 740-year-old shrine in Tokyo’s Kameari neighborhood welcoming passersby into its square. Beautiful lighting suffuses the modern, yet undeniably Japanese, folded-plate roofs.

Standing in the square one feels enveloped in its radiance. The lighting design enhances the shrine’s approachability while maintaining its reverent ambiance.

The shrine had long been regarded not as a place for fellowship, but merely as a place for religious rituals.

Now it has been transformed into a fixture of daily life – a place for relaxation and refreshment – not just a place for seasonal festivals.

Project data:

Architecture: Asai Architects,LTD.
Contractor: MIURA KOUMUTEN Co., LTD.
Photographer Fumito Suzuki

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