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K11 Musea is a 1.2 million square feet development of cutting edge retail, world-class contemporary art, culture, and gastronomy, envisioned by Adrien Cheung to completely reshape the retail experience for the consumer.

1) The lighting concept for K11 Musea is based on a collection of luminous objects that help to bind the spaces together © Jackie Chan

2) A magnificent five storey high glazed illuminated “Golden Ball” dominates the void while miniature cut crystal luminaires cluster and swarm around the edges of the atrium ‘galaxy’ © Speirs + Major

As a key member of the creative team, Speirs + Major worked to design the light for all of the interior and exterior public spaces in the project. The lighting concept is based on the notion of a bespoke ‘collection’ of luminous objects. The lighting details in each space are distinct, but the deliberate coherence in design language and materials across the collection works to bind them together as a whole. Details are carefully integrated and arranged to create a sense of energy and dynamism, yet balanced to avoid detracting from the retail shop fronts or overwhelming the art pieces.

3) + 4) The crystal ball light detail links the atrium spaces with the arcades © Jackie Chan

Speirs + Major Principal Keith Bradshaw comments:

“We relished the opportunity to create a truly fabulous series of luminous objects for this innovative retail environment. We used materials such as warm-toned metal, cut glass and wood to create a sense of warmth and sparkle that would put people at ease. In the large volume spaces, the light creates an impressive spectacle, but equally, we ensured there were thoughtful human-scale details. All of our decorative lit objects are attractive yet functional, providing a soft, flattering l ight to visitors. They play an essential role in helping people to understand the relati onships between the multiple spaces that make up the K11 development.”

5) + 6) Beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures each individual light piece contributes a decorative element as well providing soft, welcoming light © Jackie Chan

Keith Bradshaw continues:

“In this project, we were able to draw on our extensive experience in retail design, but given the innovative cultural aspect, the design also reflects our hospitality and museum lighting expertise. The design delivers on multiple levels – giving the retailers the prominence they require, while ensuring that the artworks are readily recognised and enjoyed, and contributing to an atmosphere and experience that is incredibly unique and memorable.”

7) The large illuminated metal and glass structures provide an almost baroque sense of glamour, with a decidedly modern twist © Speirs + Major

8) Simulated daylight over an internal “park” © Speirs + Major

9) + 10) Renders produced of the Opera Theatre (atrium) showing the lighting design concept © Speirs + Major.

Project Credits

Client: K11
Project Managers: New World Project Management
Art Consultants: K11 Art Foundation
Interior Design: Laab, PIA Landscape
Architect: KPF
Landscape Architect: James Corner Field Operations
AOE: Ronald Lau Partner
Main Contractor: NWCON
Electrical Contractor: REC

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