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Speirs + Major light The Beverly Centre, Los Angeles

Speirs + Major have designed the lighting for the newly renovated Beverly Center, a unique retail environment in West Hollywood.

Soft light at the slab edge detail evokes a naturally luminous effect

Well-loved as a shopping destination since its opening in 1982, the eight-story structure has been given a comprehensive makeover in image and character, in a ten-year project led by client/owner Taubman and design architect Studio Fuksas.

The design evokes a sense of natural effortless luminance throughout the interior spaces.

Light is balanced to suit both daytime and after dark conditions

Delicately integrated light at the curved slab edges forms soft glowing ‘rivers’ of luminous metallic perforations, complementing and balancing natural light.

The reflections from backlit perforations have made the lifts the Center’s most instagrammable area

Outside, light transforms the wave-like mesh ribbon that wraps the facade into a dynamic shimmering canvas that can be themed to celebrate civic and commercial events.

The valet parking echoes the design language of the interior and is linked to the colours of the exterior

Luminous graphics and illuminated verticals improve legibility and way finding in the large parking areas

The façade lighting also helps to define the edges of the car parking zones

A rainbow of light in support of ‘Pride’

Light sources integrated into the mesh ribbon animate the façade

Project Credits

Client: Taubman
Architect: Studio Fuksas
Lighting Design: Speirs + Major
Photography: © John D’Angelo & Speirs + Major

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