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‘The Nature of Time’ by Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko was on display at Milan Design Week with the theme “THE NATURE OF TIME,” held from April 9 to April 14, 2019, at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum. The exhibition will focus on Grand Seiko’s Spring Drive movement, which marks its 20th anniversary this year.

Spring Drive is an innovative mechanism characterized by precision and the smooth glide motion of the seconds hand. Grand Seiko’s view of the nature of time is clear in the continuous, natural flow of time that Spring Drive shows and a team of Japan’s cutting edge artists bring Spring Drive to life through installations that allow visitors to enjoy a Japanese sensibility and beauty.

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With the flow and passage of time brought to life, an installation and an art object allow you to experience the philosophy of Grand Seiko and the harmonization of craftsmanship and sensibility that are at the heart of the micro-cosmos of Spring Drive.

The installation uses a special liquid, which, when a soft light is reflected, allows its motion to be visible. The light gradually dissipates with time as it spreads across the liquid surface.

The art object is made in the image of the micro-cosmos which Spring Drive represents. It is made of glass, is dome-shaped and is filled with a unique powder in which disassembled components of the Spring Drive movement are set. This powder harnesses light and hints of the passing of time as it glows. When you take this object in your hand, the powder glides softly like water as you move it around, softly intertwining with the watch parts and gradually filling with light.

movement | Shingo Abe

The smooth motion of the seconds hand takes you away from the bustle of work and into a serene world of time. Surrendering yourself to the flow of time, you feel time pass gently round, all in a matter of seconds. As the mainspring unwinds, the energy that drives the seconds hand takes you to a faraway place, releasing you from the turmoil of everyday life.

Like snow falling and a river flowing, the smooth flow of time portrayed by Spring Drive creates a gradual change in time perception. Computer graphic imagery illustrates this brief, inner journey.

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