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ZKLD STUDIO designs lighting for Al Fattan Crystal Towers, Dubai

Al Fattan Crystal Towers, also known as Rixos Premium, is a mixed-use twin-tower project located at one of the UAE’s most famous areas, Jumeirah Beach Residence in Dubai. The project has 35 stories high-end development consisting of retail areas, a hotel, luxury apartments and penthouses to fulfil the needs of the users and the clients. In front of the sand-coloured architecture of the beach hotels, a luxurious eye-catcher Al Fattan Crystal Towers creates another atmosphere to the silhouette of Dubai and lends the skyline a glamorous sheen with its’ completely wrapped-in glass façade and unique lighting design. The architectural idea behind the form of the towers was to create a crystal feeling in front of the horizontal sand atmosphere.

The facade lighting scheme was inspired by the refractions and reflections that light creates while passing through the crystal. Highlighting the triangular forms on the façade and the fractions derived from the form of the crystal were the inspirational starting point of the concept of the façade lighting design. These lines make the building arise dynamically at the oceanside in contrast to its massive surroundings. This feeling was desired to be maintained for the interior areas that have traces of the fractal forms as well. The light show at the ceiling of the alley, lobby of the hotel, is one of the most spectacular parts of the project. With the DMX Controlled LED fixtures, a play of light, colour and motion was created and it composes a new modern touch to the culture that loves magnificence and brilliance.

The lobby area was another delicate part of the project. At daytime skylight at the top of the lobby was enough to illuminate and create an ambiance. However, during night-time, there had to be a brilliant effect for the area to grab attention and shine. With the guidance of crystal form, triangular-shaped surfaces were designed below skylights and lit by the pixel-controlled luminaires. This light show had brought an attractive soul to this lobby area and welcome not only the people who stay at the hotel but also visitors from outside.

It is fair to say that Crystal Towers lighting design is the major contributor that makes its architecture stand out brilliantly. It has been taking all the attention to itself since the day it was opened at one of the most popular beaches in Dubai. Crystal Towers’ attractive stance born by its architectural form has been highlighted with lighting design and maintained at both interior and landscape areas.

In the context of lighting, the great achievement of the design was the perfect integration of lighting with architecture that allowed smooth atmosphere flow between interior and exterior space. On the other hand, the project set foot in the region that has culturally major interest in grandness and splendour. From the beginning of the lighting design, this tendency was very well-known and obviously affected the lighting design decisions.

However, we also knew that we have to set a balanced lighting design under this flamboyant appearance that welcomes people who stay or visit the hotel and serve them cosy ambiances to make them feel at home. In contrast to this flashy envelope, interior areas and landscape lighting also followed these intentions. An established bond between dynamic stance and serene ambiances was most desired by ZKLD from the beginning of the design phases.

Interlocking the soul of both dynamism and calmness in one structure and creating a holistic design is the chief achievement of our design approach. With the help of the glittering lighting design, Crystal Towers became a stamping ground not only for tourists but also for the city dwellers. Most importantly, it became an iconic sculptural crystal that brought another identity and prestige to its surroundings.

Project Credits

Location: Dubai, UAE
Status: Completed
Completion Date: 2012-2018
Total Construction Area: 151,634 m2
Lighting Design: ZKLD STUDIO

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