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‘Light Qudrant’ at The Crowne Estate by Jason Bruges Studio

Light Quadrant is a new bespoke pendant lighting system for the Grade II listed retail space, Quadrant Arcade, on Regent St. It sits in the central corridor ceiling between the existing and refurbished coving details, and consists of 11 elegant, sculpted light pendants. Using linear lights, each pendant forms a parabolic curve revealing itself as you walk along the arcade. Each pendant is formed of 20 double-sided lighting tubes, constructed from polycarbonate with a sheet aluminium core to which LED light strips are mounted on both sides.

The brief was to create a visible and inviting street presence at both Regent Street and Glasshouse Street to draw people into the arcade and to compliment the stunning architecture that has been rigorously restored.

Jason Bruges Studio was recognized for its specialist lighting consultants/artists within the design team from the project kick off, having successfully won the design competition in collaboration with architects Barr Gazetas. Working closely with Barr Gazetas from the offset was really valuable and led to a cohesive, sensitive and elegant outcome. The team also had a very dynamic relationship with the client, whose regular feedback gave ongoing energy to the creative process.


The Crown Estate
London, United Kingdom

Jason Bruges

Barr Gazetas

The Crown Estate

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