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New innovative lighting solutions to make each space unique and outstanding.

Reggiani, a leading international lighting company, has always met the needs of its customers with creative ideas and innovative solutions, result of decades of expertise and know-how.

The launch of these new products coincides with the search for new solutions able to satisfy the new needs of customers and designers: the Yori EvoGhostrack range expands with new proposals and the new low-voltage Yori Evo 48V system is presented, which includes new products and new tracks.

The Yori Evo Ghostrack family of projectors expands, thanks to the new Ø22mm and Ø35mm mini sizes, and the new Yori Ghostrack Pendant family is born: a new line of pendant luminaires available in four different sizes and with a wide range of finishes.

Thanks to an innovative patented technology, the Yori Evo Ghostrack family is equipped with an invisible adapter and driver, for a single or cluster installation on standard 3-circuit tracks, which offers the possibility of creating unique lighting configurations and layouts.

To complete the range, there are also new high voltage tracks: the new Supertrack thanks to the reduced width of only 19 mm fits discreetly into any type of architecture and space. Supertrack supports creativity and any architectural requirement, allowing you to create infinite geometric configurations.

Responding to the functional and aesthetic needs of increasingly complex architectural projects, Reggiani launches the brand new H-Track, which offers the flexibility of a three-phase track combined with the visual comfort of indirect lighting. It can be installed at the desired height and combined with any Yori Evo Ghostrack appliance, to create an infinite range of lighting engineering configurations.

The other big news is that the selection of Reggiani projectors, linear and solutions is now available also in the low voltage version.

The Yori Evo family has evolved and expanded and now includes a 48V low voltage track version, available in four different sizes both as an adjustable spot and as a pendant. The extraordinary CRI> 98 accentuates the authenticity and materiality of the colors, attracting the attention of the observer and giving added value to any product or art object.

Yori Evo Pendant 48V extends the application possibilities of the Yori range even further. Minimal and sophisticated, it offers infinite combinations thanks to its wide range of finishes and the many sizes available.

To complete the range, Yori Linear 48V is available in different lengths and can be used as a complement to accent lighting and to create unusual lines of light and architectural configurations. It comes with three different diffusers: Opal, for soft and diffused lighting; Prismatic, for more control; UGR, to reduce glare, especially in the workplace.

According to the European standard UNI-EN 12464-1 the most important factor for the correct lighting of the internal work environments is the glare, which is measured with the UGR scale (Unified Glare Rating): the lower the value, the lower the glare.

Yori Linear 48V guarantees excellent visual well-being in different work environments, but also in schools or hospitals, thanks to an extraordinarily low UGR value (<19).

To offer the best and most flexible lighting solutions, Reggiani has integrated Bluetooth technologies into its offer. This control system allows you to adjust the lighting of the individual luminaire or group of luminaires simply via smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, buttons and switches (even pre-existing).

The control system can be integrated in the single device (Bluetooth Integrated control) or remotely inserted in the track (Bluetooth Remote System).

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