Lighting up New Zealand in a smart way

Aurora Lighting’s managing director, Fred Nimarota, says Aurora is one of a few LED lighting suppliers of sufficient size to operate effectively in both the trade and project markets 

Entering the New Zealand market with a full portfolio of lighting options, Aurora Lighting is launching more than just multiple ranges of LED luminaires and lighting fixtures.

Thanks to the recent development of its AOne control system, Aurora Lighting is also offering affordable smart lighting and end-to-end lighting solutions for almost any application, says managing director of Aurora Lighting in Australia and New Zealand, Fred Nimarota.

Aurora’s New Zealand operation is being set up with three vertical lighting sectors: Trade, Projects and Retail along with a fourth complementary group that takes care of smart lighting solutions and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity.

Nimarota says Aurora Lighting presents the modern face of luminaire design and manufacture, and is now one of the few lighting companies in New Zealand on a scale that can operate effectively in both the trade and project space.

Aurora Lighting was established in the UK in 1999 as an early adopter of LED technology and now trades in over 70 countries, which places the Aurora Group as one of the world’s largest privately owned LED lighting manufacturers.

Nimarota says key to the company’s success is continuous innovation and development of affordable solutions.

“That’s why the group owns ten international facilities and has almost half a million square feet of production facilities dedicated to research and development, engineering, testing and technological development in communications and sensing.”

Nimarota says Aurora’s acquisition of The Lighting Group launched the company into Australia in 2014.

“This has enabled us to supply projects in New Zealand over the past year and our new local operation will continue to support and develop such projects with specifiers and contractors through our Projects Division.

“We offer multiple ranges of Aurora branded luminaires including troffers, high-end downlights and weatherproof products. Our designs are innovative and we can produce custom fittings for special projects.

“These Aurora products are promoted by our Projects Division and designed for sectors including retail, hospitality, commercial, healthcare, education, industrial and high-level residential. We are supplying the luminaires through electrical wholesale channels, along with our value-driven brand, Enlite.

“Enlite fittings from our Trade vertical are economically priced for the contractor market and designed for residential, light commercial and industrial applications.”

He says the Enlite ranges are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and reliability to ensure trouble free installation and maintenance.

“Around the world, our, Enlite products have performed exceptionally well since their launch and provided a real market advantage for trade customers.”

The third Aurora vertical, Retail, focuses on innovative designs and custom solutions for architects and end-users operating retail stores and supermarkets.

Kiwi-born Nimarota says he will continue to run Aurora in Australia and will be in New Zealand frequently overseeing the growth of the New Zealand operation and the setting up of a local distribution centre through key partnerships that will enable next-day delivery.

Enlite-branded products from Aurora are designed and priced for the trade

“We are here for the long term and have a unique and comprehensive offer. You can see how advanced we are in the development of LED and smart lighting management when you take a look at affordable Aurora products like the AOne controls.”

Staying ahead of the game

Compared with the introduction of other light sources over the years, the market takeup of LED has been exceptionally quick and gone hand-in-hand with the rapid advance of LED technology and performance.

Nimarota says because Aurora began as a developer of only LED lighting, the company has been able to build a large development team throughout the UK, Europe and China.

Leading Aurora luminaires include the Airspan 12×3 Greenstar 24 W, T Bar Troffer

“This specific LED-only focus has allowed Aurora to produce high-performing, independently tested products.

“By having the scale to bring new fittings to market very quickly, our customers have been able to select the best products in the shortest time frame, while removing the risk of their designs being superseded.

“While we have real strength in the design of LED luminaires and fixtures, we also offer real leadership in the expanding area of lighting controls using new, highly-affordable technology.”

Nimarota points to the AOne controller as a smart lighting solution designed for new builds and transforming existing lighting installations.

“AOne takes only a few minutes to commission and allows users to remotely control, schedule and dim their connected lights from in their home or from anywhere in the world using the AOne app. Easily installed anywhere between the switch and the first light in a circuit, you can control multiple lights up to 320 W load with just the one controller.

“We have more devices available such as ZigBee-controlled AOne smart lamps and we’re continuously working on new products for the system such as AOne smart sensors which integrate motion, light, temperature and humidity.

“We also have in the works a two-gang general purpose socket outlet for power monitoring, scheduling and control, and a smart plug-in adapter that does the same.”


But where Aurora Lighting is really pushing the boundaries of connected lighting systems is in the development of Gooee as the IoT backbone for smart buildings.

Aurora lighting was one of the first to sign up in partnership with Gooee and will be launching it in the latter part of this year. Nimarota says Gooee is the world’s first ‘full stack’ interoperable ecosystem of physical and software components that enables LED lighting manufacturers to add intelligence to their product ranges and connect them to the IoT.

Gooee’s ecosystem empowers lighting to become the ‘central nervous system’ for building activity data, unlocking the smart building network.

Aurora now offers AOne phone app control, ZigBee-controlled AOne smart lamps and will soon introduce voice control of lighting via Google Assistant

“Gooee’s data brain drives software applications for building-occupiers, property owners and managers around three core areas: lighting control and analytics, Beacon networking and space and occupancy analytics.”

He says sensors downwardly detect motion, direction, footfall, ambient light levels and temperature, and upwardly monitor light output, colour temperature, quality and operating temperatures.

“This means we are no longer just providing lighting to help us see, we are providing lighting that can see us and deliver more effective lighting that also provides a more comfortable working and living environment.”

Nimarota says further innovations will be launched this year starting with Google Assistant voice control now available and Amazon Alexa coming soon.

“Aurora’s smart lighting solution is about providing a future-proof, easy-to-install product, so give us a call.”

For further information:
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