‘Lights Per Second’ by Martin Borini

The project consists on a real-time audiovisual performance in a full immersive designed space. Using special visuals, lighting and sound processing techniques, the installation combines computer codes taking the club architecture, the dance floor, its own environment and the moving crowd.

Lights per second works as a total art concept designed for the public to live an intensive experience, exploring different views, a whole circle through various kinds of perception. From uncomfortable sensations to ecstasy feelings, this journey requires full participation and willingness from the public in order to complete the setting.
Therefore the project is based on different approaches of electronic music and technology, more from an empathic view in a resounding layout experience. An open invitation to think about how electronic music shaped today’s culture and so other aspects that define it as part of the so called entertainment industry.

LPS is conceived as an audiovisual set, a techno installation with a custom lighting design, telling about the nature of video as purely consisting of light and shadow. In this lightning speech, the performance takes us to a more abstract level trying to reach the very essence of video technology.

Each component (light, object and shadow) works as a single frame in a circular-shaped lightning-structure that points to an object in the center. The whole installation consists of one hundred RGB-LED light-circumference pointing to a center.

Lights per second concept was born of the deep thinking, research and random essays from Martin Borini (also known as AILAVIU). His early works as a Vj as well as light or stage designer helped him develop this project, which at the same time was enhanced by some of his experimental works with light control through video operation and the study of changes in human perception. On this occasion Martin is doing a live performance with Ducasse, the music project of producer Luis María Ducasse. His sound goes from techno to acid house, playing in a live set hardware format specifically routed for the light installation. Sound concept is around the interaction between light performance and electronic audio devices in order to fuse and conceive the dance floor and the installation as a whole.

Project: Martin Borini
Music: Luis Maria Ducasse / soundcloud.com/ducasselm

Technical production: Luciano Camorra and Martin Borini (IDV)
Support from Pablo Pacheco and Sebas Acampante (Trimarchi)

Video by Sebastián Ciavaglia
Cameras of Sebastián Ciavaglia & Maxi Russo and Ivan Pierotti (Elefante Diamante)

The perfomance was recorded at Espacio Trimarchi in October 2016, Mar Del Plata, Argentina


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