Loomi welcome four super-efficient,
old-school style bulbs to the family.


The bright sparks over at Melbourne-based LED lighting company Loomi are on a mission to look good, and make the environment around them look good (that includes you). After receiving numerous pats on the back, high fives, and a few bewildered looks after the release of their 12W ceiling downlight, the team decided that they were definitely onto a good thing.

Cue the release of the highly attractive, infinitely superior filament bulbs!


Saving energy shouldn’t mean sacrificing good looks.

These game changing pieces of ceiling bling combine new tech with old school good looks to give the same warmth and brightness of incandescent bulbs, without leaving you with a Bigfoot-sized carbon footprint!

Available in round, candle, large and large round designs, this range covers all of your decorative lighting needs. Perfect for reviving drab lighting fixtures and swapping out with old energy-guzzling incandescents, these bulbs are designed to improve the appearance of everything from the ceiling down.

Loomi’s Tru-Colour technology promises to outdo industry standards by providing the ‘truest’ colour illumination. Where regular LEDs are tested to illuminate only eight colours, Loomi’s Tru-Colour lights are tested against fourteen key colours. Combining almost all of the colours on the visible spectrum to make white light!

All of this fancy pants technology is specially engineered to complement skin tones, bring out the best in wooden floorboards, and make your disco ball mimic a thousand little Tru-Colour suns bouncing around your living room.

While we care about looking good, we also care about the environment, saving dolphins and a bunch of other stuff. So, not only do the new range of Loomi bulbs give you Tru-Colour as standard, you also get:

  • Easy installation with standard E27, B22, E14 and B15 bases.
  • Warm flattering 2700K colour temperature.
  • 200lms of dazzling brightness, 400lms for the large round bulb.
  • Dolphin-saving efficiency, running on only 2 watts for the smaller bulbs and 4 for the large round bulb.
  • 25,000 hours lifetime

To learn more about how Loomi LEDs can keep you looking good, visit: www.loomi.co/lights


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