Madam Tusan, Peru
by Claudia Paz Lighting Studio

Madam Tusan is Gaston Acurio, famous Peruvian chef take on ¨chifa ¨, Peru’s version of Chinese food. Born in the alleys of Lima’s ¨barrio chino¨ sometime around the turn of the last century, this Sino-Andean hybrid mixes Cantonese recipes and native-American ingredients in juxtapositions that are sometimes striking, sometimes subtle. It’s not authentic Chinese or Chinese-American, is something new.

Part of the pleasure of the restaurant is the concept of the interior design were a Sculpture of the Dragon go through the space to let sometimes be seeing and sometimes not. The use of red color and materials that transport us to the Peruvian-Chinesse culture are found in the design.

The layout of the tables distribution and the design of each area create a unique image. Round booths are separated with a virtual wall made with black wood latticework, where a costumized decorative lamp hang at the center of the table, designed to lit in all directions projecting the shadows of the designs in the latticework.

The semi-private space were design to be integrated if a big group cames, separated only with an intense red curtain and lit with a costumized decorative lamp, gold metal cages incorporated a estándar hanging black lamp, creating a chandelier that reminds a walk into the peruvian chinesse neighborhood

The general light is treated in a subtle way with small downlights, creating a balance with the customized decorative lamps. A structure appears in the middle of the room with the image of a bamboo scalfolding, serving as a planter and lit with recessed lights to subtle touch each plant with warm light in the differents levels creating a surface were contrast of light and shadows making the plants a visual point.

In general, the lines of warm light that wallwash some walls,the costumized decorative lamps with bright colours or gold finishes and the diferent materials highlighted by the lighting are all in harmony to achieve a space where family enjoy this wonderful kitchen.


Architects – Nathan- Pereira Arquitectura y Diseño
Client : DELOSI – Gaston Acurio
Lighting Design : Claudia Paz Lighting Studio
Concept : Claudia Paz
Team :
Cesar Castro
Pamella Phang
Laura Carbajulca
Pedro Huapaya

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