Main Street lighting reflects character of Victor Harbour

The centrepiece of the upgraded Victor Harbour Main Street precinct, in South Australia, is an iconic customised pole and lighting arrangement designed to emulate the ribs of a whale. As part of an award-winning landscape design by Adelaide-based WAX Design, the lighting references the coastal town’s reputation for whale watching, with the Southern Right Whale frequenting the waters of Encounter Bay.

WE-EF sales partner, Buckford Illumination Group, supplied a range of high-quality luminaires for the project, including FLA440 and FLA460 floodlights mounted on poles. The FLC100 projector was mounted on the rear of the poles in order to illuminate the pathway, while ETC300 inground luminaires were used to uplight landscape features. Garry Talbot from Buckford Illumination Group said: “The pole is on the edge of the roadway and the FLA sits at the top, and then 180 degrees on the back of the pole there is the FLC to provide some general lighting on the pathway for pedestrians”.

To achieve light distribution and output the WE-EF luminaires were chosen.
BCA Engineers, the lighting designers on the project, was tasked with producing a lighting scheme that had aesthetics and longevity of equipment as key drivers. A further consideration was the provision of adequate lighting that was compliant with relevant aspects of AS/NZS 1158.

Antony Caruso from BCA said: “The client required the installation to refresh the area with a modern scheme while being sensitive to integration with local buildings and streetscape features. Coordination of light pole locations with palm trees and other streetscape elements required careful planning and lux modelling to ensure that items were fully co-ordinated to the satisfaction of Landscape Architects and Council while also satisfying primary design objectives.”

Luminaire and pole locations were initially driven by the Landscape Architect, with BCA Engineers ultimately responsible for luminaire selections. “All illumination performance parameters were demonstrated through various modelling exercises and outcomes determined in close collaboration with Landscape Architect. “Fine-tuning of pole locations and final luminaire selections were required to achieve the objectives of all stakeholders,” said Mr. Caruso.

WAX Design was responsible for the pole designs, with curved poles utilised for the feature intersections and straight poles for intermediate sections of roadway. “The use of one fixture specifically addresses compliance with the Standard and the other fixture is for accentuation of streetscape elements,” Mr. Caruso explained. He said that WE-EF products were selected for the project based upon their successful use in previous projects as well as technical reliability, product support and warranty, and extensive options to suit the varying project objectives.

“The reason why councils are moving towards WE-EF products is because of quality, replacement warranties and the benefits they receive from a maintenance point of view,” Mr. Talbot pointed out. “The solution has been well-received by the Council who have since commenced planning and design for Stage 2 where the scheme will be continued through the rest of the street,” he added.

Photography: Ina Parr

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