Mornington Pier makeover relies on
WE-EF technology

Upgrading to state-of-the-art LED technology to illuminate the Mornington Pier forecourt and the Mornington laneways, was the obvious choice for bringing life to the area as part of an award-winning redevelopment.

Mornington Pier, built during the 1850s in Victoria, Australia to provide a safe berth for steamships carrying holiday-makers from Melbourne, remains a popular recreational destination for sightseeing, fishing and scuba diving. The redevelopment of the pier was chosen as the winner of the 2016 Victoria CCF Civil Construction Earth Awards (project value up to AUD 1 million).

Mornington Peninsula Shire wanted to develop better access to the area, reduce parking pressure and improve the walkways at the pier forecourt. They also wanted to upgrade the laneways to create a safer environment and enhance overall appearance which, in turn, would lead to increased user numbers. The lighting of the area was a key consideration, as the installed 80W mercury vapour fittings provided low efficiency and colour rendition, making the laneways appear unattractive.

The local council turned to WE-EF Sales Partner, Buckford Illumination Group, for a solution using LED technology. The result was a design that incorporated 24 W VFL500 LED luminaires with improved energy efficiency and illumination to light the pier forecourt, car park areas and the laneways. The council also utilised 28 W FLC131 blue LED projectors mounted on the poles to give the laneways a modern twist.

Mr. Anthony Strangis of Buckford Illumination Group said that LEDs were a far superior option than using traditional light sources in this particular application. “WE-EF as a lighting manufacturer provides much better value for clients through their holistic attitude towards lighting and the use of the best chips. In addition, the in-house designed optical lenses transmit light much better than most other products on the market.”

WE-EF is a long-term supporter of the International Dark Sky Association, who work to protect the night skies for present and future generations. The Dark Sky philosophy has led WE-EF to develop luminaires with very low upward light spill. This was a massive consideration for the local council, as in the waters around the pier there is a boat-turning area and any stray light could cause orientation difficulties. In addition, there is a historic lookout nearby, and the council did not want the view to be affected.

With regard to the laneways, light was contained solely to the laneways and has not disturbed users and residents of the adjoining buildings.

Mr. Strangis added that the lifecycle assessment information provided by WE-EF about its products was also a critical point in selection by some clients.

Due to the use of 5CE superior corrosion protection, WE-EF products were specified for this project due to their optical distribution and efficiency as well as their proven resistance to severe weather conditions, including an aggressive marine climate. These luminaires have already been put to the test by the stormy seas that can surround the pier. Mr. Strangis noted that “it was incredible that the fittings stood up to the elements, even with waves that towered over them”.

“We can also configure project-specific ‘modular optics’ within one luminaire, for special purpose applications, rather than being stuck with something standard that comes out of the box,” said Mr. Strangis said. “This sets us apart from everyone else.”

The VFL500 LED luminaires are well-known for their flexibility, high quality and reliability. Since WE-EF released the range in 2011, these luminaires have made significant inroads into all areas of exterior lighting where efficiency, performance and design are paramount.

The company has supplied more than 14,000 VFL500 LED luminaires to projects in Australia and New Zealand for the illumination of public spaces, roadway lighting and almost everything in between.

Photographer: Jackie Chan

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