‘Motley’ by Merel Noorlander

Three mechanically driven pop-up objects are in a continuous motion, but unpredictable timeframe transforming from 2D to 3D, powered by engines and timers.

Their inner shapes and materials reflect kaleidoscopic patterns of color on the walls, floor and ceilings, when folding open. At this point the light hits the inner structure of the objects and reflect a new layer that will appear and disappear in a continuous but ever changing cycle. Hence this kaleidoscopic effect does not have a fixed projection screen or a strict mechanism of lenses, but is in constant change, and in relation with all parts of the whole, which will influence the angles of light, the shape of the projection surfaces, colors, etc. Therefore the audience is invited to understand light, time, the environment and its parts, not as separate things with primarily intrinsic qualities, but as elements which are constantly morphing, mutating and in dialogue.

* Installation Merel Noorlander
* Video Sevilay Maria Van Dorst