My Light + Building 2016 By Kevan Shaw
Design Director of KSLD

kevan smile

The best new product I saw was …..
Prolicht’s freebie bag…………… ☺


Xicato Man

The best exhibit / stand / installation was ……..
Xicato Man’s lair in the Agora The best talk/lecture I attended was ….. Lighting Europe roadmap for the lighting industry to 2025


Xicato Stand

Xicato Man Lair

The best social event I attended was ……
Eldoled stand party


I was inspired by ……
Absolutely nothing! Very disappointing show. Far too much consolidation and copying other products and little to choose between different manufacturers products.Same LEDs , reflectors, optics in everybody’s spotlights, downlights linear systems etc.

Best rumour (optional) ……
Not a rumour but Osram are trying to dump their lamp business and consumer retail products into a separate company they intend to sell off called Ledvance. This has to be a desperate move to get rid of assets such as fluorescent and metal halide manufacturing and unprofitable business such as replacement lamps for the domestic market. If the EU single lighting regulation proceeds as currently proposed most of these assets will be valueless by 2024!

I wish they would ……
Provide free Segways to save our feet!

My lasting impression of Light + Building 2016 is…..
A lighting sector that is heading nowhere and potentially in deep trouble. A rush into new technology has resulted in repeated investments in making the same old products with ”new technology” rather than fully explore the possibilities of the LED technology creating genuinely new and innovative products. Why are we still seeing 50mm diameter down lights everywhere? This size was the result of the development of MR16 lamps in the 1980s. sadly LEDs don’t fit this size well being challenged by optics and thermal management.

We also see much described as “Human Centric” Lighting. Generally this is either colour tunable white of just a very high colour temperature. This seems to be an attempt to upsell lighting without much by way of genuine or researched benefit.

The other buzzwords are ‘Internet of Things” This was expressed in a large number of not quite ready products with not quite ready technology, specifically Mesh Bluetooth that was demonstrated on several stands despite the lack of an agreed standard. This looks like a nightmare of incompatible equipment all claiming to do the same thing. If this does have any real use in the future interoperability is absolutely essential. Lighting has been and continues to be strangled by incompatible “standards” such as DALI.

Another issue in evidence is a loss of interoperability of track lighting that incorporates DALI or other digital signal conductors I counted 6 different and incompatible track types all based on the mechanically similar European 3 phase track.

This was also possibly the last gasp of the OLED as a general lighting technology. The dramatic exit by Philips and others in the last year or so set the trend. Some people were showing exactly the same as 2 years ago. There are a few nice decorative products and one or two interesting attempts to make a useful fitting however these are hampered by a totally unrealistic price point for the products.

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