My Light + Building 2016:
By Lara Elbaz, Lighting Designer,
Lara Elbaz Lighting Design



The best new product I saw was……
The new Flos system Infra-Structure designed by Vincent van Duysen, although I haven’t seen anything genuinely new, but rather a general tendency to develop and refine what was presented 2 years ago.


The best exhibit / stand / installation was…..
by Motoko Ishii at Sumitomo Chemical booth. Mesmerizing and poetic, as were Aleksandra Stratimirovic’s Colour Wheels at Targetti booth.


The best talk/lecture I attended was…….
“Evaluating colour rendering – TM-30-15 Color Metrics” by Tony Esposito at Xicato booth. Instructive and necessary, although I suppose it will take a while before we can adjust to this new system.



The best social event I attended was……
“Dear Light. A love letter to light” by Light Collective at LAMP booth. A great activity (and good food) that has attracted, for 5 days in a row, a big amount of lighting designers from Iberoamerica and the rest of the world. I was inspired by a mixture of little things but mainly by people.

Best rumour…….
My lips are sealed!

I wish they would……
Give us feet massage instead of bags and catalogues!

My lasting impression of Light + Building 2016 is…….
That there were not many novelties and definitely no wow effect. But I am glad to see that special care is being taken to avoid LED glare and to develop flexible and connected systems. Conferences, presentations and events during the week have increased in quantity and quality which is excellent, but it also makes it very hard to concentrate on seeing as much of the fair as possible.

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